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Metal Detection Systems

金属検出 - Metal Detection
Advanced Technology for Detection of Metals                                                     

Metal detectors deliver the innovative Dual Wave solution that allows processors to run two frequencies simultaneously to maximize independent detection of ferrous and stainless metals.  Anritsu metal detectors are engineered to provide superior accuracy and easy to maintain.  With thousands of industrial metal detectors installed globally, our expertise and experience are unmatched.

M6 Dual Wave High Performance Metal Detector
New M6 Dual Wave (duw)
High Performance
Metal Detector
New generation models - Enhanced performance delivering unrivaled detection sensitivity and stability on your production lines.
M5 Dual Wave (duw)
Metal Detector
Anritsu Metal Detectors for the food and pharmaceutical industries include Dual Wave Technology. These fully featured metal detectors provide better accuracy and performance at a great value.
KD813 Metal Detector
KD Dual Wave Large Product
Metal Detector
Easy to maintain and clean. Ideal for the food industry. Dustproof and waterproof. Depending on type, ideal for individually packaged products & bottles, products in commercial bags, tall products in containers (including glass & plastic bottles), or large products.