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Message from the Top Management

Hirokazu Hamada Representative Director, President of Anritsu, Group CEO
Hirokazu Hamada
Representative Director, President of Anritsu, Group CEO

With Our Sustainability Management, We Contribute to the Realization of “Safe and Secure Society”

To contribute to the sustainability of society, the Anritsu Group intends to be a sustainable company by realizing the “safe and secure society” by further efforts to protect the Earth’s environment as well as addressing social issues through our business activities with the understanding and cooperation of customers and other stakeholders.

For a Safe and Secure Society

In April 2018, the Anritsu Group formulated its Sustainability Policy to increase its corporate value through contributions to the sustainability of global society with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm.

Under the policy, we set targets linked to SDGs, and in our business activities we provide technologies, products, and solutions that contribute to the building of safe and secure infrastructure that leads to the foundation for industries and technological innovation. From aforementioned, we take group-wide actions to establish industries that contribute to the construction of sustainable society and to promote innovation. In the area of ESG, we have raised themes such as “environmental protection”, “harmony with society”, and “governance” as the important issues we should address.

We properly disclose those activities and leverage stakeholder understanding and expectations to increase our corporate value as a key management issue.

Supporting 5G Communications as a Foundation for Social Innovation

Online services in the fields of business, healthcare, education, and public services are dramatically proliferating as a means for preventing the spread of COVID-19. This trend increases the urgency of developing and manufacturing a safe, secure, and robust network infrastructure that is essential for our business activities and daily life. Digital transformation (DX), which plays a key role in Society 5.0, proposed by the Japan Federation of Economic Organizations, is introducing innovation that enhances everyday life through the evolution of digital technologies. Communications services provide the infrastructure upon which DX relies.

Since its foundation in 1895, Anritsu has supported the development of a society as a pioneer in the telecommunication equipment industry and contributed to the development of telecommunications systems, leveraging its measurement technology as the core. Further technological innovations in 5G (fifth-generation mobile communications systems) and the progress of DX represent opportunities in which the Anritsu Group can offer high social value and continue to support a communications infrastructure that constitutes the foundation for social innovation.

Protecting Life and Health

In the food industry as a source of life and health, the Anritsu Group contributes to the distribution of safe and secure foods and helps reduce food loss by providing inspection equipment for detecting contaminants as well as solutions for automating and controlling production to eliminate both surpluses and shortages of raw materials. We are also enhancing our quality assurance business to ensure the safety of pharmaceuticals. In addition, we provide optical modules for medical devices and video surveillance systems that allow for a prompt response in the event of natural disasters that put human lives at risk.

The Anritsu Group is implementing its Beyond 2020 plan with the goal of achieving sustainable growth starting in 2020. This plan also states that we are committed to supporting the safety and security of society. We will create and develop our businesses from the perspective of social issues and contribute to a society through initiatives unique to Anritsu.

Set out for Beyond 2020

Unique Initiatives for Reducing CO2 Emissions to Prevent Global Warning

Climate change due to global warming causes large-scale natural disasters, famine, and poverty as a result of deteriorating conditions for food production, and thus it threatens the sustainability of society. We must therefore strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a company.

Due to the nature of its business, the Anritsu Group has relatively little impact on the environment. Nevertheless, following discussions with related sections, we set a long-term target of raising the percentage of private renewable energy generation to about 30% by around 2030 as our commitment to mitigating global warming, and we publicly announced this target. Our focus in this initiative is on in-house power generation rather than purchasing green power certificates. This is unique and based on our philosophy that “we directly contribute to the wider use of renewable energy by introducing renewable energy generation equipment and generate and consume renewable energy within the Group.” We believe this will help achieve SDG goals and targets.

Ensuring Employee Safety and Security, and Business Continuity

COVID-19 has rapidly spread across the world and is a major problem that all humankind must work together to solve. The Anritsu Group has done its best to address the virus by exploring the possibly of helping those who fight it, with the equipment, technologies, and supplies the Group possesses.

In the course of pursuing business, the Anritsu Group places top priority on doing everything possible to protect employees from infection, such as by reducing the chance of personnel contact and preventing the spread of droplet infection. Preparing for natural disasters is also essential for protecting employees and businesses.

In fiscal 2019, the operations of the 1st Factory in Koriyama were disrupted by flooding caused by typhoon No. 19, which also affected regional suppliers. Consequently, the supply chain was exposed to the effects of climate change. We were, however, able to recover quickly from the damage and resume product shipments within two weeks by employees’ thorough understanding of Business Continuity Management and their experiences of past floods.

The Anritsu Group has an important social mission to secure communication infrastructure and the safety of foods and pharmaceuticals. Group management is responsible for reducing and eliminating risks associated with infections and natural disasters and will spare no effort to address them.

Promoting Sustainability Management

My mission, as I see it, is to lead the Group in a better direction so that we are recognized and supported as a corporate entity that contributes to resolving social issues by meeting the demands of society, such as respect for human rights, strengthening governance, and protecting the environment under the declaration, “No one will be left behind.”

We must establish a corporate culture that allows employees with diverse values to come together and grow through friendly competitions, regardless of gender or national origins, and take on new challenges with an enterprising spirit toward creating a corporate group that supports the development of a society with advanced technologies and offers fulfilling jobs and comfortable workplaces. Through these efforts, we will globally exert the Group’s total capabilities with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm.

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