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Summary of R&D Activities

Global R&D System

The Anritsu Group undertakes R&D into “Original & High Level products and services” at its R&D centers in Japan, USA, Europe, and Asia to offer global companies safe, secure and versatile solutions.

Our measurement business R&D is conducted at Anritsu Corporation (Japan), Anritsu Company (USA), Anritsu Ltd. (UK), Anritsu A/S (Denmark) and elsewhere where cooperative development makes the best use of various technical strengths in a synergy resulting in excellent measurement solutions.

Products Quality Assurance (PQA) R&D work is performed by Infivis Company in Japan.

In addition to the research and development in these business segments, the Advanced Research Laboratory is conducting research and development for 6G, which is expected to be commercialized around 2028, and basic research with an eye on the future.