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Standardization Activities

Anritsu is an active participant in both domestic and international standardization activities, playing a key role in measurement technology R&D.

To offer the communications business world timely, competitive, and excellent measurement solutions reflecting the latest knowhow and technologies, Anritsu is a leading member of important standards bodies, such as 3GPP, ITU-T[*1], and IEEE[*2], playing a major role in strategic planning and information gathering for both the wired and wireless business fields, including 4G/5G, data centers, IoT/M2M[*3], and the Connected Car[*4].

Anritsu's participation of International Standardization Activities
3rd Generation Partnership Project [3GPP]
Bluetooth SIG
Wi-SUN Alliance
International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication [ITU-T]
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers [IEEE]
European Telecommunications Standards Institute [ETSI]
Association of Radio Industries and Businesses [ARIB]
Communications and Information Network Association of Japan [CIAJ]
The Telecommunication Technology Committee [TTC]
Optoelectronics Industry and Technology Development Association [OITDA]

[*1] ITU-T
Abbreviation for International Telecommunication Union-Telecommunication tasked with international communications standards

[*2] IEEE
Abbreviation for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. tasked with supporting electrical engineering and electronics technologies in the USA and dealing with standards such as IEEE 802.11 (WiFi) and IEEE802.3 (Ethernet), etc.

[*3] IoT/M2M
Abbreviations for Internet of Things, and Machine to Machine communications. Apply not only to information and communications equipment such as computers, but also to other products with functions for communicating via the Internet and offering technologies supporting automatic ID, control, and remote measurement

[*4] Connected Car
Automobiles with ICT terminal functions using sensors to capture various data such as vehicle status, road conditions, etc., for collection and analysis via networks; expected to create new value-added driving environment