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Anritsu Group Charter of Corporate Behavior

Revision April 1, 2021

The Anritsu Group’s aim is to create corporate value with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm using our “original & high level” technology to contribute to the growth and development of society by meeting the challenges of achieving a sustainable future. While working to both solve world social issues and address the interests of all our stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, and local and global societies, we shall proactively value both individuals and group harmony with the strong will to continue building a people- and planet- friendly future.

(Respect for human rights)

1. The Anritsu Group will respect the human rights of all those who are connected with it, and will not permit any discriminatory practice related to race, gender and so forth or infringement of individual dignity, and will never accept child labor or forced labor.

(Reform of work practices and enhancement of workplace environments)

2. The Anritsu Group will respect each employee's individuality, diversity, and personality so as to realize work practices in that all of its employees can fully demonstrate their abilities. Also, we will create safe and healthy work environments where all of its employees can carry out their jobs with enthusiasm.

(Sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues)

3. The Anritsu Group will develop and provide socially useful and safe goods and services through breakthrough innovation in all its business fields, to support sustainable economic growth and help resolve social issues.

(Environmental initiatives)

4. The Anritsu Group will take the initiative in solving environmental issues, such as climate change, to help build a people- and planet- friendly future.

(Involvement in community and contribution to its development)

5. The Anritsu Group and its stakeholders will participate in community activities and contribute to community development.

(Relationships of trust with customers)

6. The Anritsu Group will provide customers with appropriate information on our products and services, and will communicate with customers in good faith. This will result in high customer satisfaction and trust.

(Conducting Ethical Company Activities)

7. The Anritsu Group will engage in fair and free competition, appropriate transactions and responsible procurement. Also, we will maintain healthy and normal relationships with political institutions, governmental administration as well as citizens and other organizations.

(Fair disclosure of information and constructive dialogue with stakeholders)

8. The Anritsu Group will disclose corporate information actively, effectively and fairly and engage in constructive dialogue with a wide range of stakeholders, with a purpose of enhancing corporate value.

(Thorough crisis management)

9. The Anritsu Group will conduct thorough and organized crisis management in the face of actions by antisocial forces, terrorism, cyber attacks, natural disasters, infectious diseases, and other crises, posing a threat to civil society and corporate activity.

The Anritsu Managers will take the responsibility for implementing this Charter and for taking all necessary action in order to raise awareness in their corporation. They will also take initiative and set an example so that every employee in the Anritsu Group becomes fully aware of the philosophy in this Charter. This includes building effective governance systems for the conduct of business and encouraging behavior based on the principles of this Charter within the Anritsu Group's supply chain. When a law or a rule is violated, the Manager must take action to notify senior management and then work together to resolve the problem, endeavoring to clarify its causes and prevent its recurrence. And the Manager will promptly and adequately disclose all relevant information to the public when deemed appropriate, and will institute disciplinary action upon identifying who authorized and was responsible for such acts. No responsible employee or officer is to be shielded from these disciplinary actions.