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Message from the Top Management

Hirokazu Hamada Representative Director, President of Anritsu, Group CEO
Hirokazu Hamada
Representative Director, President, Group CEO

Continuing to create value through the “Anritsu Way” toward a sustainable society

With the establishment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is clear that the international community is accelerating its efforts aimed at creating a truly sustainable society.

Anritsu established its Sustainability policy based on its philosophies of “Sincerity, Harmony, and Enthusiasm” and “Original & High Level,” and we are promoting sustainability management focused on boosting corporate value by contributing to the resolution of global social issues through the ethical conduct of company activities in line with the Anritsu Way.

We are committed to resolving through our business activities issues related to ESG, including those tied to the environment, governance, resource procurement, and human rights.

SDGs can be seen as a guideline for action, and the Anritsu Group as whole shares in common SDG #9, which aims to “Build resilient infrastructure, promote inclusive and sustainable industrialization and foster innovation.” One of the key aims of the measurement business is to contribute to SDG #11, which sets the goal of “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” To do this, the business offers measurement solutions that support the realization of a 5G/IoT society and the creation of a robust network infrastructure. Our PQA business, which provides quality assurance solutions, including through the detection of foreign substances in food and pharmaceutical products, focuses on SDG #12, “Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns.”

The most important challenge in creating a sustainable society is reducing the CO2 emissions that can significantly contribute to climate change. We launched our initial commitment to achieving SBT certification in March 2019 and are now focusing on plans to expand solar power generation facilities and reduce CO2 emissions across the entire value chain. In regard to human rights, we have made visits to our suppliers and requested that they ensure that there is no forced labor, human trafficking, or child labor occurring, and have publicized these activities in our statements. In respect to our employees, we are working to ensure diversity and human rights are respected, including by hiring on a gender neutral basis, and implementing measures that create an organization where each individual can grow, as well as workstyle reforms that contribute to an enhanced life-work balance.

Anritsu recently launched its Beyond 2020 program with the goal of achieving sustainable growth from 2020. Realizing this goal requires supporting those taking on new challenges and creating a workplace in which each individual can take on new challenges. I believe the first step in achieving this is creating a corporate culture that nurtures new ideas, and a company that can instill the spirit of enterprise in its employees.

Anritsu will continue to share the dream of social change with its stakeholders, and through cooperative creation will strive to create not only a sustainable society, but also new value that is unique to Anritsu.

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