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The Anritsu Brand

Advancing beyond

New Company Vision, the base of “Advancing beyond”

World-first practical TYK radio telephone and progenitor of smartphone.

Automatic telephone as basis for public telephones. First domestically-manufactured radio broadcast receiver and television transmitter.

Innovative test and measuring instruments for communications supporting both today’s optical and digital networks crossing borders as well as mobile broadband services.

Following its long support for advancing our information and telecommunications-based society, Anritsu is now rebranding its company vision to build a sustainable and bountiful future in collaboration with its stakeholders and partners.

Company Vision

Beyond testing, beyond limits, for a sustainable future together

Beyond testing

Anritsu welcomes new ideas and technologies to go beyond conventional testing and add increased value and innovation.

Beyond limits

Anritsu goes above existing business boundaries by valuing every employee’s enthusiasm and supporting their challenges to shift the paradigm and achieve breakthroughs not only in technology but in every business aspect.

For a sustainable future together

Anritsu employees together with customers and stakeholders will devote their business to solving social issues to build a sustainable and hopeful future for new generations.

Brand Story

The future will arrive even if we stand still, and what value will we see in it?

Consequently, Anritsu is proactively stepping forward.

Based on our accomplishments in testing technology supporting the development of telecommunications and the safety and security of food and pharmaceutical products, we are advancing into new domains by leveraging conceptual and technological synergies with various partners.

Breaking Barriers - Transcending Boundaries

To achieve an affluent, sustainable society, we will work together to exceed limits and go beyond testing.

Advancing beyond

The Concept in the Logo Mark

After 30 years, Anritsu changed its company logo in April 2015; now it is renewing its brand statement in April 2021.


The new space before the point where the two lines forming the "A" cross represents Anritsu sharing its customers' dreams, its created vision, and a prosperous future achieved in partnership with customers. The new curve adds a more flexible image to the sharpness that represents its technology developments, suggesting a more versatile and stronger global team.


Visionary Green: The blue-green color expresses Anritsu's stance of facing the future with vitality, while retaining the philosophy of "sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm."

History of the company name and Anritsu's logo mark

Logo 1965-1985

Logo 1985-2015

Logo 2015-2020

Logo 2021-