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Anritsu Launches MP1900A 116 Gbit/s PAM4 Error Detector with FEC Analysis Option for Real-time FEC Symbol Error Measurement


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hamada) is pleased to announce the commercial launch of its FEC Analysis MU196040B-042 option for the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series 116 Gbit/s PAM Error Detector.

The MP1900A series is a high-quality bit error rate tester for evaluating high-speed servers, devices, and transceivers supporting next-generation 400 and 800GbE*1 as well as PCI Express*2. Adding this new FEC Analysis option supports real-time measurement of Forward Error Correction (FEC) Symbol Errors*3 in addition to previous BER measurements. Jitter tolerance*4 measurements based on correctable/uncorrectable FEC required by high-speed PAM4*5 communications are also supported.


Data centers supporting next-generation, high-speed, large-capacity 5G mobile communications are progressing with introduction of equipment meeting the 400GbE communications standard, while also starting investigation of 800GbE and 1.6 TbE standards to facilitate even faster speeds.

The PAM4 transmission method used by 400GbE expresses digital data using four voltage levels per unit time to transmit twice as much data compared to the earlier conventional NRZ*6 method. However, due to the narrower differences between the four voltage levels, the greater susceptibility to noise and transmission path losses makes error-free transmission more difficult than using the conventional NRZ method. As a result, error correction using FEC is applied to assure transmission quality. Consequently, evaluation of devices and transceivers supporting PAM4 not only requires jitter tolerance and sensitivity evaluations based on conventional bit error and error-free measurements, but also requires measurement of error correction capability using FEC.

Product Outline

To meet the above-described need, Anritsu has added this new FEC Analysis function for detecting FEC Symbol Errors based on the 400GbE FEC standard to its PAM4 ED with world-beating input-sensitivity performance. Using this new function, changes in bit errors and FEC Symbol Errors with changes in input amplitude and jitter conditions can be monitored in real-time to quickly and reproducibly evaluate when Symbol Error counts exceed the correction ability of FEC. Moreover, since this new FEC Analysis function is compatible with conventional jitter tolerance automatic measurement software, one-button jitter tolerance measurement is supported based on whether or not error correction using FEC is possible.

The Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A series is the market-leading BERT for testing various high-speed interfaces, including 400GbE and future 800GbE, etc. Adding the high-sensitivity PAM4 ED MU196040B with expanded FEC Analysis functions supporting reliable bit error and FEC Symbol Error measurements will help cut development times for high-speed devices and transceivers.

[About MP1900A PAM4 BERT Solution]

[Target Market and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Makers of 400 and 800GbE communications equipment and devices
  • Applications: Bit error rate (BER) evaluation of 400 and 800GbE communications equipment and devices

[Technical Terms]

*1 400 and 800GbE
Communications standards examined and reviewed by IEEE

*2 PCI Express
Bus standard for connecting PCs and peripherals; standardized as Gen 1 to Gen 5 according to transmission speed

*3 FEC Symbol Error
Forward Error Correction (FEC): Technology for correcting errors in transmitted data caused by transmission path at receive side
FEC Symbol Error: Defined in Reed Solomon FEC as FEC symbol including bit error in continuous fixed stream of bits forming FEC symbol

*4 Jitter Tolerance
Ability of receive side to receive input signal including jitter

*5 PAM4
Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM): Transmission technology using control of changes in voltage amplitude (pulse height)
PAM4: Transmits 2 bits of data at four levels in one time slot

*6 NRZ
Abbreviation for Non-Return-to-Zero used as method for expressing digital signals

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