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Cost-Effective Graphical Evaluation of C-V2X PC5 Communications Function


LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A Launch

具有成本效益的C-V2X PC5通信功能图形化评估

Anritsu Corporation has announced the launch of its LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A to evaluate the function of PC5 of Cellular V2X (C-V2X)

This software links the communications reference module, V2X emulator software, and GNSS simulator to support evaluation of V2X (C-V2X) PC5 communications for future vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) communications; it supports typical national use cases defined by the ITS standards.

Costs are kept low by the simple equipment configuration and easy-to-use GUI that eliminates test-scenario programming expenses. As a result, multiple evaluation scenarios can be tested easily to help improve the quality of V2V and V2I communications.

Development Background

The C-V2X PC5 standard defined by 3GPP Release 14 is essential for implementing self-driving vehicles and the “connected car.” PC5 is a communications technology for directly exchanging data between vehicles (V2V), as well as between vehicles and roadside equipment (V2I) interactively. Hazard data obtained by communications using the high-speed, low-latency C-V2X PC5 interface helps support driver safety and amenity, facilitating connected-car development.

Since PC5 communications over C-V2X play a critical role in preventing road accidents and assuring safety, R&D sections of automobile OEMs and Tier 1 makers must perform a variety of function and regression tests. Previous evaluation incurred high development costs for programming required scenarios for testing combinations of communications and vehicle driving conditions. Moreover, earlier systems for evaluating C-V2X PC5 communications functions have been configured using expensive equipment, while creation of test scenarios requires high-level protocol programming skills, so there is urgent demand for a less-expensive and more responsive evaluation system.

Consequently, Anritsu has developed its LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A to solve these problems for its customers.
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Product Outline

The LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A for evaluating PC5 communications functions supports typical use cases defined by national ITS standards. It operates by linking the C-V2X reference module, V2X emulator software, and GNSS simulator.

Use of a commercial C-V2X reference module eliminates the need for expensive equipment, helping cut costs. Evaluation scenarios are selected using a menu-style GUI, while vehicles are emulated realistically on geographical maps on the C-V2X emulator screen for easy-to-understand evaluations, helping improve communications quality for vehicles with C-V2X functions and cutting development times.

Moreover, scenarios are created using a menu-style format, while realistic vehicles are emulated on geographical maps for graphical easy-to-understand evaluations, confirming communications logs and helping to improve communications quality and cut development times.

Target Markets and Applications

  • Target Markets: Automotive OEM vendors, Tier 1
  • Applications: Evaluation of C-V2X PC5 communications functions

For further information please contact:

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Singapore 159640
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