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Anritsu Opens Anritsu Web Expo – Test and Measurement – 2020.Summer Web Exhibit Site


Anritsu Web Expo Showcases Measurement Solutions for Developing the Latest Communications Technologies and Solving Market Development Issues

Anritsu Corporation President Hirokazu Hamada announces the launch of the Anritsu Web Expo – Test and Measurement – 2020.Summer exhibit beginning July 1, 2020, showcasing the company’s latest measurement solutions. It features four categories – 5G New Radio (5G NR) Smart Device Development, 5G NR Base Station Development, Solutions for High-Speed, Large-Capacity Communications, and Communications Network Installation & Maintenance (I&M) – consisting of videos and digital leaflets to give visitors a realistic experience of Anritsu's products and solutions.

The featured solutions in each of the categories include:

  1. 5G NR Smart Device Development – The SmartStudio NR MX800070A environment creates an interactive GUI-based functional 5G device testing solution for developing 5G NR applications without knowledge of protocols or scenario-creation skills.
  2. 5G NR Base Station Development – An easy method for measuring the EVM of a 5G NR downlink test model signal using the Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2850A will be demonstrated.
  3. Solutions for High-Speed, Large-Capacity Communications – The Site Over Remote Access (SORA) MX109020A for the Network Master™ Pro MT1000A that creates an efficient method for I&M using remote operation will be shown.
  4. Communications Network I&M – New options for the Field Master Pro™ MS2090A will be shown. IQ capture and streaming capture IQ data provide detailed off-line analysis at frequencies up to 54 GHz. The electromagnetic field (EMF) measurement option ensures radios are not transmitting excessive power and levels do not exceed FCC or ICNIRP limits. Also shown will be the IQ Fiber Master™ MT2780A CPRI-based solution that provides critical PIM diagnosis across multiple bands and sectors using live traffic.

Within the web exhibit site will be a number of showcase stations. These include:

  • Developing 5G Applications Without Protocol and Scenario Creation Skills using the Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A with SmartStudio NR MX800070A.
  • 3GPP-Compliant RF Conformance Test System with the New Radio RF Conformance Test System ME7873NR.
  • Protocol Conformance Test System for Key World Operators’ Carrier Acceptance Tests (CAT) using the 5G NR Mobile Device Test Platform ME7834NR.
  • Evaluation of High-Frequency, Wideband 5G NR Base-Station Signals with the Spectrum Analyzer/Signal Analyzer MS2850A.
  • Waveform Generation for Evaluating 5G NR Base Station RF TRx Characteristics with the Vector Signal Generator MG3710E.
  • Compact Modular 1-port Vector Network Analyzer MS46131A for developing 5G NR Sub-6 GHz to millimeter (mmWave) passive devices.
  • Remote Network Quality Measurements with the Network Master Pro MT1000A.
  • For Testing PCIe® 5.0, USB4™, Thunderbolt™ 3, PAM4, and 800 GbE High-Speed Buses, the Signal Quality Analyzer-R MP1900A will be shown.
  • For Developing and Manufacturing 100G/200G/400G Multichannel Optical Modules, the BERTWave™ MP2110A will be displayed.
  • On-Site 5G NR IQ Data Analysis and EMF Power Testing using the Field Master Pro™ MS2090A will be exhibited.
  • A new Methodology to Diagnose PIM Issues Without Climbing the Tower with the IQ Fiber Master MT2780A will be on display.

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