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World-First LTE Category M Turnkey Measurement Solution for Higher Mass Productivity with Lower Costs


LTE Category M Software Release for MT8870A

Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A

Anritsu Corporation releases the Category M FDD Uplink Tx Measurement MX887065A software, the Category M FDD Downlink Waveform Files MV887065A and Full Automatic Measurement Program December 14 to support RF tests of LTE Category M devices.
Installing these software packages in the MT8870A offers the world’s first turnkey automated measurement solution for testing and evaluating the RF TRx characteristics of up to four NB-IoT devices and modules at world-beating speed on mass-production lines. The automatic measurement program eliminates the need to develop control programs and cuts development time to zero. LTE Category M is a wireless technology based on License Band LPWA in parallel with NB-IoT. As well as anticipated smart city and freight tracking applications, it is expected to be adopted by emergency warning systems due to its support for voice communications.

[Development Background]
LTE Category M is a Cellular IoT standard included in LTE-Advanced Pro. North American and European communications carriers have already started services, but Japan is expecting deployment from 2018. A key issue for smooth service rollout is assuring high mass-production efficiency to help cut terminal costs.
Measurement of LTE Category M devices can be automated using a program to control chipsets built into target devices, but—until now—these programs must be developed by each customer, which has required many hours of development work due to the need for a different program for each chipset type. Anritsu has developed its popular Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A as a test instrument supporting mass-production of various wireless equipment ranging from legacy to recent designs. The company has also worked hand-in-hand with chipset vendors to establish measurement technologies for LTE Category M devices. Based on this work, Anritsu has developed the announced turnkey solution supporting automated evaluation at world-beating measurement speeds for up to four LTE Category M devices and chipsets without requiring a customer-developed control program.

[Product Outline]
The Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A is a measurement instrument for mass-production of various types of wireless communications equipment and modules. Four high-performance tester units are installed in the main unit and each unit supports parallel independent measurement for evaluation of up to four wireless devices and modules.
Installing the developed Category M FDD Uplink Tx Measurement MX887065A software along with the Category M FDD Downlink Waveform Files MV887065A and Full Automatic Measurement Program supports automatic and fast testing (Tx power, frequency, modulation accuracy, modulation sensitivity, etc.) in accordance with the 3GPP LTE Category M RF test specifications.

[Key Features]

  • Higher Mass Productivity
    Up to four Category M devices and modules can be measured automatically, simultaneously, and at world-beating speed to increase mass-productivity.
  • Lower Control Program Development Costs
    Conventionally, evaluation of Category M devices requires time-consuming development of a program for controlling (RF signal output and frequency switching, etc.,) the DUT from the measurement instrument. Control can be performed at lower cost using this fully automatic measurement program.
  • High-Reliability Evaluation 
    To assure excellent reliability, the Category M measurement software has been developed in cooperation with customers and special focus on interconnectivity tests with actual chipsets.
  • Efficient Evaluations
    The MT8870A already fully supports 2G/3G/LTE/LTE-Advanced/NB-IoT, WLAN/Bluetooth, GPS, and FM evaluations. This new software release expands the test range further by adding Category M to multi-standard simultaneous low-cost testing of multiple wireless systems.

[Target Markets and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Category M chipset vendors, module vendors, finished-product vendors
  • Applications: Category M devices and device PHY-layer (RF) tests

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