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High-Speed Data-Transfer Interface Options for Signal Analyzer MS2850A with 1-GHz Analysis Bandwidth Supporting next-generation communications systems such as 5G


Anritsu Signal Analyzer MS2850A

Atsugi, Japan – August 4, 2017 - Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the release of its new options for the Signal Analyzer MS2850A to provide supports for external USB3.0 and PCIe interfaces for high-speed data transmissions.

[Development Background]
With future deployment of next-generation 5G mobile communications, more applications will be using broadband to greatly increase communications speeds. Additionally, new tests are being examined for managing test and manufacturing data in the Cloud to support the Industry 4.0 concept.
With the trend towards big data and more traffic resulting from deployment of broadband networks and various measurement systems, there is an urgent need for faster data transfers at external PCs and measurement systems to analyze and manage data.
With up to 32 GB of built-in memory, the MS2850A can capture 1-GHz band signals in just 3 seconds. Moreover, incorporating both USB3.0 and PCIe interfaces with faster speeds than conventional 1000Base-T slashes data transfer times from 20 minutes to just 10 seconds, helping improve development efficiency.

[Product Outline]
These new options install free software in the external PC to control the MS2850A using the Ethernet/USB2.0/GPIB connector and transfer data captured by the MS2850A at high speed over a dedicated USB3.0/PCIe data-transfer interface. There are two options for the data-transfer connector. The MS2850A-053 option provides a PCIe Gen2 x8 connector supporting high-speed data-transfer external PCIe interfaces, while the MS2850A-054 option provides a type-B connector supporting USB3.0 high-speed data-transfer external USB interfaces.

[Target Markets and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Wireless communications equipment makers, electronic parts makers, mobile phone operators
  • Target Applications: R&D of 5G terminals, satellite communications wireless communications equipment, broadband wireless communication systems, and satellite communications monitoring, etc.

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