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Anritsu further expands the Bluetooth 5 RF test solution with Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A


Production-Line Tests for 2-Mbps 2LE/Bluetooth Long Range Smartphones and IoT Devices


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) has launched its Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A with new measurement software packages on March, offering full support for the latest Bluetooth 5 2 Mbps Low Energy PHY (2LE hereafter), and Bluetooth Long Range (BLR hereafter) devices.

Bluetooth 5 is the new wireless technology of choice for future smartphone, wireless modules, connected-car, etc. applications and Bluetooth 5 measurement functions have been added using four measurement software.

  • 2LE TX Measurement MX887040A-002 / 2LE Waveforms MV887040A-002
    Supports RF TRx tests of the 2-Mbps Low Energy technology
  • BLE TX Measurement MX887040A-003 / BLR Waveforms MV887040A-003
    Supports RF TRx tests of the Bluetooth Long Range technology

With this new release, the Universal Wireless Test Set MT8870A is now the ideal solution for production-line inspection of communications equipment supporting the latest Bluetooth 2LE/BLR standards, helping cut time to market and playing a key role in Bluetooth 5 deployments.

[Development Background]

The Bluetooth SIG standards group formally adopted the latest Bluetooth 5 standard in December 2016. As well as preserving the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) standard regulating low-energy performance, it also implemented the new 2LE standard for increasing communications speeds and assuring longer battery life plus the new BLR standard for increasing the communications range. As a result, Bluetooth 5 is expected to see widespread future deployment in new communications equipment, such as smartphones, wireless modules, and connected-car applications.

Anritsu has been a key member of Bluetooth SIG since 1999, participating in formalizing new test specifications and developing measuring instruments for each evolving Bluetooth version. The company launched its Bluetooth Test Set MT8825B in February 2017 supporting efficient wide-ranging all-in-one evaluations of both Bluetooth 5 devices as well as various other communications technologies including LTE and WLAN 802.11.

[Product Outline]

The MT8870A is a multiplatform set for testing various communications methods, including cellular, connectivity, GPS, FM, etc., on production lines. Up to four high-performance test units can be installed in one main frame and each unit can measure test parameters independently in parallel, offering an effective method for improving production-line efficiency. The MT8870A has excellent expandability for future upgrades supporting the latest standards beyond the present Bluetooth 5 standard.
Bluetooth SIG approval is required to implement Bluetooth functions and the MT8870A provides a fast and easy way to measure the Basic Rate , Enhanced Data Rate (EDR), Bluetooth Low Energy, Bluetooth Audio power, frequency, modulation accuracy, Rx sensitivity, etc., parameters required by the Bluetooth test specifications.
Installing these new 2LE TX Measurement MX887040A-002, 2LE Waveforms MV887040A-002, BLR TX Measurement MX887040A-003, and BLR Waveforms MV887040A-003 software packages in the MT8870A supports all PHY (RF) layer 2LE and BLR tests required by the Bluetooth 5 specifications.

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[Target Markets and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Production of Smartphones, wireless modules, and connected-car devices, etc.
  • Applications: PHY (RF) layer tests of equipment/devices supporting Bluetooth 5 2LE/BLR standards

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