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Anritsu Spring Model Change for WLAN Instruments Supporting IEEE802.11ac standard


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) will launch a spring model change of its instrument for evaluating WLAN devices. The new model with built-in communications protocols measures the performance of the WLAN devices in the actual operating state. The actual operating state (Network Mode) supports IEEE802.11ac/n/a/g/b standards.

[Development Background]
WLAN are appearing rapidly not only in mobile devices such as smartphones, but also in many other applications, including home electronics like printers and TVs, the connected car, industrial equipment, sensors, and more because of expanding IoT.
It is expected that these devices makers receive increasing user enquiries about WLAN performance related to waveform coverage range, reception sensitivity, etc. Generally, WLAN measuring instruments for manufacturing inspections use a special inspection test mode for measurement that requires a physical control line connection between the WLAN devices and measuring instrument. Consequently, the evaluation results are not a true reflection of the actual performance experienced by users because the performance of the measured WLAN devices is analyzed using physical connection with a control line without considering the effect of the internal wireless antennas. Although Anritsu’s current MT8860C model used for these analyses has a network mode, it does not support IEEE802.11ac standard. To solve this problem, Anritsu developed the new model implementing support for the IEEE802.11ac Network Mode.

[Product Outline]
The Wireless Connectivity Test Set MT8862A is targeted at design and quality assurance of WLAN devices. It has built-in standard WLAN protocol messaging (WLAN signalling) for Network Mode for measuring the send and receive performance of the WLAN devices non-destructively and using an OTA (Over The Air) measurement.

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