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All-in-One Spectrum Analyzer Supports Evaluation of Filter, Amplifier, Cable, etc., Transmission Characteristics


Signal Analyzer MS2830A Series Function Upgrade


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) has released its Internal Signal Generator Control Function MS2830A-052 option for the company’s Signal Analyzer MS2830A series to measure the transmission characteristics of filters, amplifiers, cables, etc. Adding this option expands the MS2830A application range to measurement of the transmission characteristics of wireless system components such as filters, amplifiers, cables, etc., as well as measurement of antenna, etc., reflection characteristics.

[Development Background]
Development, manufacturing, and onsite maintenance of future radio equipment requires a wide range of measuring instruments, such as a spectrum analyzer, modulation analyzer, signal generator, audio analyzer, etc., for evaluating the transmission and reception (TRx) characteristics of various radio technologies. This creates issues over high equipment capital investment, large instrument benchtop footprint, and high running costs, such as administration and instrument calibration.
Anritsu developed the MS2830A series to solve these problems by incorporating the functions of these various instruments into an all-in-one instrument offering users convenience and cost-savings. However, measurement of the frequency characteristics of bandpass filters, amplifiers, etc., used in radio equipment, along with measurement of transmission path losses of connecting cable and reflection characteristics of antennas has—until now—required provision of other separate dedicated measuring instruments. As a result, customers in the radio business have been requesting incorporation of these extra functions in the MS2830A to increase usage convenience and help cut measurement infrastructure costs.

[Product Name]
Internal Signal Generator Control Function MS2830A-052

[Product Summary]
The spectrum analyzer function built into the MS2830A series plus this released internal signal generator option operate in tandem to measure the transmission characteristics (frequency characteristics) of passive and active electronic components, such as filters, cables, attenuators, amplifiers, isolators, etc., used in radio equipment; adding the separately available return loss bridge (SWR Bridge) also supports measurement of antenna, etc., reflection characteristics.

[Details of Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer MS2830A]

[Key Features]

  • Display of True Filter Characteristics
    The spectrum analyzer function displaying the frequency characteristics measurement results uses a digital IF with an excellent linearity error of ±0.7 dB to display the frequency characteristics of bandpass filters, etc., with high accuracy.
  • High-Performance Signal Source
    The signal source for input to the device under test (DUT) is either a high-performance vector signal generator or analog signal generator with a frequency range of 100 kHz to 3.6 GHz/6GHz, output level range of –136 to +15 dBm, step resolution of 0.01 dB and level accuracy of ±0.5 dB, assuring precision measurement of both passive and active devices.
  • Versatile Multifunction Application
    Using the built-in vector signal generator or analog signal generator eliminates the need for external signal sources, supporting measurement of transmission characteristics using a single Signal Analyzer MS2830A. Combining the MS2830A TRx evaluation features with the newly released internal signal generator option expands its usage to measurement of diverse radio components.


  • Normalize Function:
    This function calibrates the insertion loss of cables, etc., used for measurement; it is for accurate measurement of transmission and reflection characteristics.
  • N dB Bandwidth Measurement Function:
    This function measures the frequency bandwidth for any amplitude (N dB) from the Peak Marker; it is for measurement of the –3 dB bandwidth of the bandpass filter cutoff frequency.
  • Correction Value Capture Function:
    This function captures the insertion loss (in .csv format) of cables, filters, etc., used in the measurement path; it is for obtaining the measurement path correction value.

[Target Markets and Applications]
Target Markets: Makers of radio communications equipment and electronic parts, as well as radio maintenance and repair companies
Target Applications: R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, and repair of radio filters, amplifiers, etc.

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