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Higher Dynamic Range Spectrum Analyzer Measurements for Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Bands


Signal Analyzer MS2840A Series Performance Upgrade


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) has released the Noise Floor Reduction MS2840A-051 and 2dB Step Attenuator for Millimeter-wave MS2840A-019 options for the company’s Signal Analyzer MS2840A series.

The former Noise Floor Reduction (NFR) option subtracts up to 11 dB (design value) from the measured internal noise level of the measurement system and measuring instrument to lower the displayed noise floor and support more accurate measurement of very low-level signals than has been possible previously.

The latter 2dB Step Attenuator option can set a 0 to 60 dB attenuator with 2 dB steps across the entire frequency range for 44.5 GHz model with a standard specification of 0 to 60 dB attenuation in 10 dB steps at a stop frequency of 6 GHz or more. This option improves the measurement dynamic range by optimizing the mixer input level even at high frequencies.
*The attenuator of the other 3.6, 6, and 26.5 GHz models supports 0 to 60 dB attenuation in 2 dB steps across the full frequency range as the standard specification.

Using the NFR and 2dB Step Attenuator options are especially useful for measuring wideband signals and microwave and mmWave signals requiring measurement of spectrum emissions, adjacent channel leakage power, and high-dynamic range signals at Tx ON and OFF.

[Development Background]
Radio communications supporting high-quality graphics and video are being used more commonly in recent years for applications such as mobile and satellite communications/broadcasting, as well as in public and business radio including the maritime and aerospace fields. Achieving faster radio communications depends on using wider-band radio signals and there is a trend towards use of the microwave and mmWave bands offering wide frequency spectrum resources. Assuring wideband and high-quality radio signals in the microwave and mmWave bands requires use of transmitters with high dynamic range performance. Additionally, there are now more cases of radio interference between systems due to the increasing number of systems using radio communications within a limited band; how to suppress noise from interference sources is becoming a key issue. Against this background, radio equipment manufacturers urgently need a high-dynamic range measuring instrument to solve these future issues.

[Product Summary]
The Signal Analyzer MS2840A is a middle-ranking combined signal and spectrum analyzer with excellent close-in phase noise performance approaching that of a high-rank analyzer. There are four models with different maximum measurement frequencies of 3.6, 6, 26.5, and 44.5 GHz. The 26.5 and 44.5 GHz models can be expanded to cover a measurement frequency range up to 325 GHz by connecting an external mixer. Due to its high performance, the MS2840A is used widely for development and manufacturing of narrowband radio equipment (business radio), radio oscillator modules, wireless backhaul, satellite communications, radar, etc.

  • Noise Floor Reduction MS2840A-051
    • This option increases the reception sensitivity by subtracting the noise components (11 dB max) of the measurement system and measuring instrument itself from the measured results to support higher-dynamic range measurement as well as accurate measurement of low-level signals.
    • Since the noise measured previously is saved in the MS2840A, it is not necessary to measure noise components at each sweep as in the past and there is no change in the normal measurement time.
    • Measurement using an external connected mixer is also supported. In particular, combining the High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A/MA2808A with the 26.5 and 44.5 GHz models supports high-dynamic range measurement of V-band (50 to 75 GHz) and E-band (60 to 90 GHz) signals.
    • This option is enabled by the Spectrum Analyzer functions.
    • This option can be installed in all MS2840A frequency models (3.6, 6, 26.5, and 44.5 GHz models)
  • 2dB Step Attenuator for Millimeter-wave MS2840A-019
    • This option adjusts the mixer input level to the optimum level and maximizes the measurement dynamic range.
    • This option can only be installed in the MS2840A 44.5 GHz model. It sets the 0 to 60 dB attenuator in 2 dB steps at stop frequencies of 6 GHz or more.

    *The standard attenuator specification for the 44.5 GHz model is 0 to 60 dB in 10 dB steps at stop frequencies of 6 GHz or more. The standard attenuator specification in other models (3.6, 6, 26.5 GHz models) is 0 to 60 dB in 2 dB steps across the full frequency range.

[Details of Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer MS2840A]
[Details of mmWave Measurement using Combined Signal Analyzer MS2840A and High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2806A/MA2808A]

[Target Markets and Applications]

  • Target Markets: Makers of radio communications equipment and electronic parts
  • Target Applications: Development and manufacturing of business radio equipment, radio oscillator modules, wireless backhaul, radar, and satellite broadcast equipment

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