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High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2808A Released


Ultra-High-Sensitivity, Millimeter-Wave Spectrum Analysis

With the October 15th release of its new High Performance Waveguide Mixer (60 to 90 GHz) MA2808A for the company's popular Signal/Spectrum Analyzer MS2830A, Anritsu Corporation has enhanced its line-up of millimeter-wave*1 measurement solutions.

Combining the newly released MA2808A with the MS2830A in the 26.5 GHz/43 GHz configuration (MS2830A-044/045) supports development and production of equipment for both E-band (70/80 GHz) wireless backhaul*2 as well as automobile collision avoidance radar (77/79 GHz).

The MA2808A combines excellent minimum sensitivity performance with a wide measurement span in an easy-to-use configuration to support millimeter-wave measurements that legacy harmonic-mixer and down-converter methods cannot achieve.

Anritsu expects its new measurement solution to find widespread application in development of devices and equipment for the growing number of millimeter-wave wideband wireless services.

Development Background

Automobile radar and wireless backhaul services use millimeter-wave technology. Achieving the high-sensitivity detection of relatively small objects such as pedestrians and automobiles that legacy automobile radar cannot recognize, requires developing 79-GHz wideband radar.

Additionally, the wireless backhaul market using wireless technologies to connect base stations covering small areas (small cells) with Core networks is seeing progressive development of E-band equipment supporting large-capacity communications. Meeting the need for fast, large-capacity mobile communications is expected to require widespread deployment of many small cells in urban areas.

Evaluating automobile-radar and wireless-backhaul equipment requires an easy-to-use solution for accurately measuring the characteristics of millimeter-wave, ultra-wideband Tx signals. Previous measurement methods have suffered problems with large conversion losses as well as the appearance of non-existent ghost signals called image responses.

By developing its new High Performance Waveguide Mixer MA2808A with easy-to-use operation, simple setup, and high sensitivity, Anritsu has finally solved the problems of accurately measuring millimeter-wave, wideband wireless equipment.

Product Outline

Connecting the developed MA2808A to the MS2830A-044/045 supports occupied bandwidth, spectrum, Mask, etc., measurements of E-band signals (60 to 90 GHz) with a bandwidth of more than 1 GHz.

The Signal Analyzer/Spectrum Analyzer MS2830A is a precision instrument for developing and manufacturing various wireless communications equipment and devices; any one of five models with different upper frequency options (3.6/6/13.5/26.5/43 GHz) can be selected according to the application.

Key Features

  • Excellent P1dB Performance and Minimum Sensitivity
    Combining the MA2808A with the MS2830A-044/045 achieves P1dB*3 performance of better than 0 dBm and a minimum sensitivity of –150 dBm/Hz (meas)* for the world's best-in-class wide dynamic range. As a result, this setup can measure very weak signals that cannot be monitored by legacy measurement systems, and supports design and testing of higher-level millimeter-wave wireless equipment.
  • Eliminates Image Response
    When the MA2808A is used with the MS2830A-044/045 designed to support a high IF of 1.875 GHz, it performs spectrum and Mask measurements of signals with a bandwidth of 1 GHz and displays the results without image-response effects. A new (patent pending) function for extending the measurement span supports measurements up to a bandwidth of 7.5 GHz.
  • Simple Equipment Configuration
    Previously, high-sensitivity measurements in the millimeter-wave band required using a down converter in a complex but limited setup with mixer, spectrum analyzer, expensive microwave signal generator producing the Local signal, and multiplier. In contrast, a simple cable connection between the MA2808A and MS2830A-044/045 makes it easy to configure a system for millimeter-wave spectrum measurements.
  • Easy Measurement
    One press of a button preloads the conversion loss data for the entire frequency range from a USB memory stick provided with the MA2808A into the MS2830A-044/045, automatically correcting measurement results for each frequency.

*Measured (meas): Design value but not guaranteed specification


*1 Millimeter Wave
Radio waves used by wireless communications systems, satellite communications, radar, etc., with frequency of 30 GHz or more and wavelength of 1 cm or less. The frequency band determines the use of each communication system.

*2 Wireless Backhaul
Repeater circuit connecting wireless communication base station with Core network.

*3 P1dB
Power value at which excess input to mixers, amplifiers, etc., starts causing distortion. Indicates power level causing gain to drop 1 dB from ideal linear characteristic.

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