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New BERTWave MP2100B Supports Efficient Evaluation of Multichannel Optical Modules

Unlike conventional systems for BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses requiring two measuring instruments, just one MP2100B set supports all the necessary evaluation items, helping cut equipment costs by as much as 40%.


Singapore - 24 September, 2015

Anritsu Corporation is pleased to announce the September 24 launch of its new BERTWave MP2100B successor to the company’s popular MP2100A and supporting even more efficient evaluation of multichannel Optical Modules*1. This newly developed BERTWave MP2100B supports simultaneous BER Measurements*2 and Eye Pattern Analyses*3, and a single MP2100B set can measure all the items required for evaluating Optical Modules and Optical Devices*4 used by optical communication systems.

Unlike conventional systems for BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses requiring two measuring instruments, just one MP2100B set supports all the necessary evaluation items, helping cut equipment costs by as much as 40%. Furthermore, addition of an optical switch and optical attenuator as Optional accessories makes this new release a full-featured total measurement solution for evaluating multichannel Optical Modules and Optical Devices.

To support the faster measurement speeds required by the optical module and device manufacturing markets, a new Fast Sampling Mode with speeds up to 150 ksample/s performs Eye Pattern Analyses like the Eye Mask Test*5 up to 1.5 times faster than legacy models. Additionally, the MP2100B built-in Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) can be upgraded to 4ch for simultaneous BER Measurements of multichannel Optical Modules, such as QSFP+, etc., cutting measurement times by up to 80% compared to legacy models.

Anritsu expects its newly released MP2100B to help manufacturers cut equipment costs and shorten measurement times, thereby slashing their manufacturing costs of optical modules and optical devices.

Development Background

Widespread use of Cloud Computing services is causing explosive increases in data-center traffic, creating an urgent need to increase the transmission capacity of data-center servers and network devices. As a result, there is growing demand for Optical Modules used in data-center servers and network devices, particularly for 10 GbE SFP+, and 40 GbE QSFP+ (10 Gbit/s × 4) modules. Anritsu has released its BERTWave MP2100B with expandability to 4ch BERT Measurements supporting efficient evaluation of multichannel Optical Modules, such as QSFP+.

Product Outline

The Anritsu BERTWave MP2100B is an all-in-one test set with integrated BERT and sampling oscilloscope for developing and manufacturing Optical Modules. The built-in, 12.5 Gbit/s Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED) support up to 4ch, while the integrated sampling oscilloscope supports electrical and optical bandwidths of 25 GHz and 9 GHz, respectively. Since just one MP2100B can perform simultaneous BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses for up to 4ch, measurement of multichannel Optical Modules, such as QSFP+, is more cost efficient. Additionally, the faster 150 ksample/s speed of the new Fast Sampling Mode cuts Eye Pattern Measurement times. The PPG outputs high-quality signals with Jitter of just 1 ps and Tr/Tf of only 24 ps; the ED has a high minimum sensitivity of 10 mVp-p. As a result, the MP2100B is the ideal solution for accurate evaluation of Optical Modules and devices.

Key Features

  • Integrated BERT and Sampling Oscilloscope
    Previous measurement systems have used a separate PPG as the signal source and sampling oscilloscope for Eye Pattern Analysis, requiring not only large bench-top space for the evaluation system but also nearly doubling equipment costs. This newly released all-in-one MP2100B with integrated PPG and sampling oscilloscope cuts these space and equipment costs. With a cabinet just 18 cm deep, the MP2100B fits on even the most crowded bench top, while the integrated BERT and sampling oscilloscope supporting simultaneous BER Measurements and Eye Pattern Analyses slash measurement times and cut optical module and device inspection costs.

  • High-speed BER Measurements
    Up to 4ch can be set and measured simultaneously.

  • High-speed Eye Mask Tests
    Sampling at up to 150 ksample/s using the new built-in Fast Sampling Mode cuts test times.

  • Support Electrical and Optical Interfaces
    Built-in support for both electrical and optical interfaces eliminates troublesome and time-wasting procedures, such as changing cables when evaluating optical module Rx sensitivity.

  • Wideband Operating Frequency
    Bit rates from 125 Mbit//s to 12.5 Gbit/s are supported as built-in options for all-in-one use by different applications, including STM-1 and 10 GbE.

  • Clock Recovery Function
    With a built-in ED clock recovery function as standard, BER analysis is supported simply by inputting the Data signal with no need for an external clock. Moreover, installing the sampling oscilloscope clock recovery option enables evaluation of optical characteristics of long-distance transmissions and transmission equipment with no clock output.

  • Mask Margin Test
    Automated Mask Margin tests eliminate troublesome procedures and settings, supporting fast completion of required Mask Margin test measurements in only about 1 s.

Glossary of Terms

*1 Optical Modules
Module incorporating TOSA/ROSA or VCSEL optical device as integrated SFP and QSFP transceivers

*2 BER Measurements
Abbreviation for bit error rate measurement expressing ratio of error bits in bit string of received digital data

*3 Eye Pattern Analysis
Analysis of Eye Pattern waveform performed by summing periodic signal waveforms; displayed signal waveform looks like eye, so called Eye Pattern

*4 Optical Devices
Device for converting optical signal to electrical signal or vice versa

*5 Eye Mask Test
Type of Eye Pattern Analysis for testing whether Eye Pattern conforms to mask required by standards

About Anritsu

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