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Anritsu Enhances MP1800A BERT with High-load Jitter Tolerance Test Functions for Accurate Evaluation of 100G SERDES Receivers

Signal Quality Analyzer Measures Jitter Tolerance of PHY Devices Supporting 100GbE, OIF-CEI 28G, InfiniBand EDR, and 32G Fibre Channel


Anritsu announces the release of upgraded high-load Jitter Tolerance test functions for the company's MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer series to support evaluation of devices for high-speed serial transmission, including 100GbE, OIF-CEI 28G, InfiniBand EDR, and 32G Fibre Channel.

The MP1800A is a plug-in modular type Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT); installing a jitter generation module supports generation of various jitter modulation components, including SJ, RJ, BUJ, SSC, 2nd Tone SJ, etc.

This newly released function generates up to 2000UI wide-amplitude SJ At high jitter modulation frequencies of 250 MHz, SJ generation supports up to 1UI. In addition, using the newly released Equalizer compensate Eye-opening of signals output from devices under test (DUT) degraded by transmission path losses, and supports BER measurements.

These new feature enable configuration of measurement systems with sufficiently high accuracy and margin for Jitter Tolerance tests of devices such as SERDES supporting 100GbE, OIF-CEI 28G, InfiniBand EDR, 32G Fibre Channel, etc.

With its extremely low intrinsic jitter of just 275 fs rsm (norminal) at the zero jitter setting, the MP1800A Jitter Modulation Source module supports accurate measurements even at the lowest jitter amplitudes. Furthermore, with a low-intrinsic-jitter Pulse Patter Generator (PPG), 4TAP Emphasis, PAM Converter, High-Accuracy Error Detector (ED) and Automatic Jitter Tolerance measurement software, the MP1800A is the ideal total solution for Jitter Tolerance measurements.

Development of high-speed serial devices is progressing due to the explosive increase in data traffic, faster processing speeds of servers and network equipment, and faster communications speeds between equipment. By releasing these extended Jitter Tolerance measurement functions, Anritsu expects to help with deployment of faster servers and network equipment.

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