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Evaluating 1-Tbit Ultra-Fast Transmission with Multi-channel BER Measurements


Evaluating 1-Tbit Ultra-Fast Transmission with Multi-channel BER Measurements

MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer Function Upgrade


Anritsu Corporation (President Hirokazu Hashimoto) is pleased to announce the addition of a 32-channel synchronization function for 32 Gbit/s data signals to its popular MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer, supporting evaluation of new world-leading, ultra-fast, next-generation communications technologies at speeds of 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s*1.

This development supports synchronization of up to four MP1800A main frame units each with an installed 8-channel 32 Gbit/s pulse pattern generator (PPG) for configuring test systems to evaluate ultra-fast, next-generation communications technologies, such as Quad DP-16QAM, and Dual DP-64QAM*2.

With a high-accuracy function for adjusting the phase in 2-mUI*3 steps, the 32 Gbit/s PPG installed in the MP1800A enables easy configuration of a test system with accurate phase control. Additionally, a high-repeatability test system can be configured because the 32 Gbit/s PPG data signal bit pattern itself can be generated at any timing.

The rapid increase in data traffic is driving R&D into development of next-generation transmission technologies using phase modulation methods such as 16QAM and 64QAM to extend core network capacity.

By adding this new 32-channel 32 Gbit/s PPG synchronization function to its MP1800A test solution, Anritsu is expecting to help rollout next-generation, ultra-fast communications as soon as possible.

Development Background

Data traffic volumes are experiencing explosive growth due to the spread of cloud-computing services and smartphone data applications. To solve this problem, R&D laboratories are actively researching new high-capacity 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s technologies for core networks.

To hold down the bit rate while expanding the capacity, the new 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s technologies are testing use of QAM phase amplitude modulation for transferring data by modulating both the amplitude and phase. This technology uses either 4PAM*3 modulation signals to transfer 2 bits of data at every modulation, or 8PAM*4 modulation signals to transfer 3 bits of data. Configuring a test system for generating these modulation signals and testing 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s transmission requires a multi-channel data signal source with high-accuracy phase control.

As well as supporting evaluation of high-speed devices and transmission methods up to 32 Gbit/s, Anritsu has supported generating 4PAM and 8PAM signals with MP1800A series.

This new function enables connecting up to four MP1800A units and synchronizing the 32 Gbit/s data signals up to 32-channels.Combining the MP1800A with either the MZ1834A 4PAM Converter or MZ1838A 8PAM Converter enables easy configuration of a test system for next-generation, ultra-fast transmission technologies such as Quad DP-16QAM, and Dual DP-64QAM.

Product Outline

The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer series is a Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) in which plug-in Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG), Error Detector (ED), synthesizer, and jitter generation modules can be installed simultaneously.

Installing either four 2-channel or two four-channel 32 Gbit/s PPG boards in four connected MP1800A main frames supports 32 channels of 32 Gbit/s offering a transfer capacity of 1 Tbit/s.

Using either the external MZ1834A 4PAM Converter or MZ1838A 8PAM Converter with the MP1800A supports easy configuration of a phase amplitude transmission test system for Quad DP-16QAM, Dual DP-64QAM, etc.

Product Features

■ Configure Evaluation System for Next-Generation 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s

Configuring a test system for phase amplitude transmission systems such as Quad DP-16QAM and Dual DP-64QAM requires a function for accurately controlling and changing the phase between channels. In addition, achieving high repeatability requires controlling the timing of each channel bit stream.

The 32G PPG installed in the MP1800A SQA series has a function for changing the phase in 2-mUI steps over a range of ±64,000 mUI at multi-channel synchronization. It also incorporates a pattern synchronization function for controlling the pattern generation timing between multi-channel data signals.

■ Generate High-Quality Test Signals

This test system can generate signals with a typical high-speed rise time of 12 ps to assure the high signal quality required for this application.

Target Markets and Applications

■ Target Markets: R&D Labs, Carriers, Communication Device Makers

■ Applications: R&D into 400 Gbit/s and 1 Tbit/s next-generation ultra-fast communications technologies


*1 400 Gbit/s, 1 Tbit/s Transmission
400 Gbit/s transmission is a technology for transferring 400 Gbits of data every 1 second (1 Gbit is 109 bits). 1 Tbit/s transmission transfers 1 Terabit (Tbit) of data every 1 second (1 Tb is 1012 bits).

*2 Quad DP-16QAM, Dual DP-64QAM
These are technologies for transferring a lot of data in one clock cycle by combining multiple phase and amplitude conditions while maintaining the meaning of the data in each state and holding down the transmission speed.

*3 mUI milli-Unit Interval
Unit expressing time; 1 Unit Interval (UI) is 1 clock cycle. 1 mUI is 0.001 of 1 mUI.

*4 4PAM/8PAM Technology
The 4PAM (Pulse-Amplitude Modulation) technology transfers 2 bits of data at each modulation by modulating the signal as four voltage levels. The 8PAM technology transfers 3 bits of data by modulating as eight voltage levels. These technologies transfer more data than the widely used NRZ method (1 bit of data per modulation).

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