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Anritsu introduces new 28G/32G Multi Channel Modules for the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA)

— New 28G/32G Multi Channel Modules for the MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA) allow the design, development and evaluation of high-speed interconnects, devices and fibre optic communication systems up to 32.1Gbit/s —


Munich – 28 June, 2012 – Building on the success of the market leading MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer (SQA), Anritsu introduces new 32Gbit/s Bit Error Rate Tester (BERT) modules with built-in Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED). In this new configuration for high speed optical device and interconnect testing, the MP1800A supports signal integrity analysis with high-quality high-amplitude signal output levels and Error Detection with high input sensitivity.

As the constant increase in Internet traffic and other IP data links continues, all global network service providers are being challenged to provide increased network capacity to carry the huge data volumes in/out of data centers, servers, and across long haul data links. To support this, the data rate technology, in all sections of telecom networks and computing connectivity, is increasing to support 100Gbit/s and heading to 400Gbit/s, and new designs of electrical and optical components and modules are coming to the market to enable this evolution.

Anritsu will introduce four new modules for the MP1800A, which offer both increased channel density and improved configuration flexibility. Simultaneous pure PRBS signal generation and BER analysis are supported on up to 4 channels per each PPG and ED module. Each channel in the new 32Gbit/s cards allow data pattern synchronization and individual delay setting for high accuracy crosstalk evaluation when transmitting multi-channels.

Alessandro Messina, Anritsu Wireline Product Marketing Director for EMEA, offered insight into some of the features: “The bathtub, jitter and eye diagram measurements offer customers extra confidence in evaluating real world network environments in the test lab. A complete and realistic simulation/test capability is provided by the enhanced Jitter Modulation Source, simultaneously generating various jitter components such as SJ/RJ/BUJ/SSC, and supporting automatic jitter tolerance test.”

The introduction of these new Pulse Pattern Generator and Error Detector Modules enables the current MP1800A platform to extend its high end functionalities and offers a greater range of integrity signal analysis options at the increased speed of 32.1Gbit/s for up to 8 parallel independent test channels in one single chassis.

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