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Anritsu Company Introduces Optical Spectrum Analyzer with World’s Fastest Sweep Time

MS9740A OSA Reduces Measurement Time by 80% While Delivering Superior Accuracy and Reliability for Conducting Optical Analysis in Wide Range of Applications


March 23, 2010

Anritsu Company introduces the MS9740A Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) that combines the world’s fastest sweep time of 0.2 seconds, precise measurement capability, and ease of use in an instrument that is lighter than any other benchtop OSA. Covering 600 nm to 1750 nm, The MS9740A can be used in a variety of applications, including measuring optical devices, conducting WDM and EDFA signal analysis, and evaluating optical level variations.

The MS9740A OSA reduces test times by 80% due to its unsurpassed sweep time. It also has minimum resolution of 30 pm and dynamic range of >58 dB. The combination of wide dynamic range and high resolution makes the MS9740A OSA an ideal solution for evaluating narrow band filters and conducting OSNR analysis of WDM signals.

Complementing the high performance is embedded application software that helps ensure accuracy and repeatability, improve production line evaluation efficiency, and simplify the measurement process. With the software, users can conduct several types of measurements, including DWDM analysis; DFB, FP-LD, LED, and EDFA analysis; and optical module analysis such as XFP and SFP+, directly from the touch screen of the MS9740A OSA.

A single MS9740A supports measurements for both single-mode (SM) and multimode (MM) fiber, creating an all-in-one, cost-effective solution for evaluating both SM and MM optical devices. It eliminates dedicated equipment for active optical devices only to reduce overall test costs and improve efficiency. In addition, the MS9740A OSA has optical return loss of <35 dB to suppress the impact of backscatter on the device under test (DUT).

The MS9740A OSA weighs less than 15 kg, making it the lightest benchtop OSA on the market. It consumes only 75 VA, half that of competitive OSAs. An 8.4-inch LCD display allows waveforms and results to be seen easily.

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