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Anritsu Company Introduces Test Solution that Conducts Robust Real Time Measurements on 10-GbE Networks

Integrated Hardware and Software Test Solution is Accurate, Cost-effective, Efficient Tool to Troubleshoot 10-GbE Networks


Anritsu Company introduces Channel Stats software for its CMA5000a Multilayer Network Test Platform that has been designed to make it easier, faster and more cost-efficient to measure 10-GbE networks. When installed in the CMA5000a with UTA module, the software displays statistical information on the various signals transmitted over 10-GbE networks, allowing service engineers to troubleshoot dropped network connections and slow speeds without the need for multiple instruments.

The integrated CMA5000a with UTA module and Channel Stats software was developed to meet the growing and challenging Quality of Service (QoS) requirements associated with broadband communications networks transmitting rich-content distribution, video streaming, and video conferencing. A robust series of tests can be performed in real time at a significant costs savings by using the CMA5000a with the software.

With the integrated CMA5000a with UTA module and Channel Stats software, users can detect the occupied bandwidth, errors and throughput of 10-GbE transport signals. Signals are sorted automatically according to parameters such as VLAN ID and TCP port number to display 35 types of statistical information, including signal occupied bandwidth, errors, and throughput, for easy troubleshooting of network faults. All measurements can be easily seen on the large 10.4" LCD touch screen interface. Results can also be generated directly from the CMA5000a and saved as a .pdf document.

A simple, more robust test solution, the integrated hardware/software platform eliminates the need for multiple instruments that require considerable setup time to capture and analyze network signals. The Channel Stats software displays network faults to eliminate troublesome and time-consuming analysis tasks. Since the CMA5000a not only detects 10-GbE signals but also displays statistical information in real time, equipment costs are reduced by two thirds and the time required for analysis is shortened.

All this measurement capability is housed in a lightweight portable instrument that measures only 14.6 (W) x 9.7 (H) x 5.5 (D) and weighs 13 pounds. The combination of high-speed comprehensive measurement capability and compact size makes it easy for service engineers to conduct all necessary tests at carrier facilities. The high performance of the CMA5000a configured with the UTA module and Channel Stats software also makes it well suited in the manufacture of 10-GbE equipment.

The CMA5000a is an all-in-one, portable, modular platform with plug-in measurement modules that support SDH/SONET, OTN, and WDM, as well as 10-GbE. The CMA5000a can perform all the tests and evaluations required to commission and maintain every type of communications network.

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