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Anritsu Company Introduces Signal Analyzer Designed to Increase Production Yield, Reduce Manufacturing Costs

MS2830A Combines Fast Measurement Speed, High Accuracy, and Expandable Platform to Improve Wireless Device and Equipment Development


Anritsu Company introduces the MS2830A Signal Analyzer that delivers best-in-class speed and accuracy over a frequency range of 9 kHz to 3.6/6.0/13.5 GHz in a cost-efficient design. Developed for integration and production environments, the MS2830A allows manufacturers of 3G and 4G wireless devices and systems to increase production yield, reduce manufacturing costs, and have greater confidence in product performance.

The MS2830A has industry best measurement speed. The base model conducts frequency switching, sweeping, and outputs transfer batch measurement results in approximately 12 ms. When the optional vector signal analysis (VSA) function is installed, the MS2830A supports noise averaging in approximately 0.1 sec, several times faster than conventional sweep spectrum analyzers. In-band measurements, such as ACP, OBT, and channel power, can be conducted much faster when the MS2830A is in VSA mode because the MS2830A uses FFT batch capture in a 31.25 MHz analysis bandwidth.

High-speed measurement accuracy is achieved with the MS2830A as well. It has an average noise level of -153 dBm (at 1 GHz without preamp), tertiary phase intermodulation distortion (TOI) of +15 dBm, and typical total level accuracy of ±0.3 dB. The high performance allows the MS2830A to conduct extremely precise distortion and spurious measurements to improve production yield.

High Performance, Low Cost The MS2830A is a single instrument with measurement capability that previously required both a spectrum analyzer and a signal generator. An optional built-in signal generator creates a one-box tester that performs transmitter and receiver tests. With everything in a single chassis, the resulting configuration costs as much as 30% less than having discrete signal analyzers and signal generators.

In addition, the MS2830A consumes ≤ 110 W, which is 45% less than a comparable signal analyzer. Not only does this help reduce operating costs, it makes the MS2830A an environmentally friendly test solution. With this significant power reduction, the analyzer reduces CO2 emissions by 45%.

Designed for Today…and Tomorrow A flexible design allows users to customize the MS2830A to meet current test requirements while making it simple and cost-efficient to upgrade when measurement needs change. Various options, such as a vector signal analyzer and vector signal generator, are available. The MS2830A is compatible with existing Anritsu application software that allows users to configure the analyzer to conduct waveform quality analysis on LTE, W-CDMA/HSDPA, GSM, and other wireless signals, as necessary.

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