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Anritsu Company Introduces Single-Instrument 10G Transport Test Solution

New MP1590B Configuration Replaces Multiple Instrument Alternatives to Reduce Cost and time of Test, and Lower Setup Costs


Anritsu Company introduces the MU150110A multi-rate/multi-channel unit for its MP1590B Network Performance Tester. The plug-in unit creates a single-instrument 10G transport test solution with the MP1590B mainframe and allows the tester to accurately evaluate the performance of SDH/SONET, OTN, and PDH/DSn equipment from 1.5M to 11.1G, as well as 10GbE interfaces during development and manufacturing.

With the plug-in, the MP1590B is a replacement for multiple instruments that had previously been required to support SDH/SONET, OTN, and PDH/DSn, as well as 10GbE.

For SONET/SDH equipment, the MP1590B can simultaneously measure all Higher Order (HO) and Lower Order (LO) of VT1.5/VC11 and Error/Alarm, BER, Automatic Protection Switch (APS), Delay Time Measurements can be done for the 5,376 channels simultaneously. Eliminating the need to conduct separate measurements for each channel dramatically reduces test time and improves measurement efficiency. For DSn or PDH equipment, it can perform function tests using multiplexer/demultiplexer (MUX/DEMUX) measurement, error insertion, or alarm addition.

For OTN measurement the MP1590B is equipped with Poisson error insertion and variable optical output power functions, so it can efficiently evaluate Forward Error Correction (FEC) used with OTN equipment. For 10GE the MP1590B provides the PCS (Physical Coding Sub-layer) Measurement and Link Fault Signaling Measurement.

The single-instrument solution significantly reduces the cost of test. Additionally, a built-in 10G optical interface (XFP) eliminates the need for dedicated optical interfaces when measuring 10G performances, thereby lowering setup costs by 15% compared to conventional 10G test configurations.

Flexible Architecture Fits Variety of Test Needs The MU150110A is the newest plug-in module for the MP1590B, which has been developed with a flexible design that makes expanding test capability easy and cost efficient. The Network Performance Tester can perform simultaneous applications, such as SDH/SONET, OTN, EoS, jitter, and Ethernet measurement using combinations of plug-in units.

The MP1590B can be expanded to supports jitter measurement with +/-20 mUIp-p accuracy. It also includes measurement repeatability of +/-5 mUIp-p and guaranteed low intrinsic jitter of 50 mUIp-p. Furthermore, its Golden TX feature guarantees the jitter generation of the MP1590B's transmitter, providing a known jitter value that can be used as a reference transmission for calibrating other jitter testers.

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