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Software for Evaluating Mobile Navigation Functions Introduced by Anritsu Company

SUPL is Cost-Effective PC-Based Solution for Testing GPS Services on Mobile Terminals and Personal Navigation Devices


Anritsu Company introduces the MX848600A SUPL Simulation Server supporting the SUPL (Secure User Plane Location) v1.0 world standard for mobile navigation services. Installing the MX848600A on a Windows PC offers manufacturers of mobile devices and chipsets a cost-effective solution for evaluating the navigation functions of mobile terminals and personal navigation devices (PNDs).

Running under a Windows XP environment, the MX848600A provides improved SUPL v1.0 functions compared to alternative measurement instruments. It is ideal for extensive verification, such as simulating and evaluating faults rarely seen in ordinary testing, before installing the application in actual hardware, thereby improving the quality of SUPL v1.0 compliant mobile navigation functions.

The MX848600A has built-in functions for controlling external equipment using control commands to select and execute test procedures, allowing configuration of a high-efficiency automated, 24/7 test system. Test scenarios created by the test emulator can be used for efficient testing of real mobiles to cut development cycles and speed time to market.

Simple to configure, the PC loaded with the MX848600A is connected to a terminal emulator via Ethernet. The configuration also makes for a very cost-efficient test environment.

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