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Stressed Eye Measurement Suite Introduced by Anritsu Company

New Hardware and Software Allow MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzers to Provide Industry Leading Repeatability When Measuring Key Parameters of Optical Signals

Anritsu Company introduces a Stressed Eye Measurement Suite for its MP1800A series of Signal Quality Analyzers that offers industry leading repeatability for measuring the average output power level difference (OMA), extinction ratio, and Vertical Eye Closure Penalty (VECP) of optical signals. The hardware and software solution provides designers and manufacturers of 10GBASE-L/10GBASE-E optical modules and transmission equipment with an instrument that reduces measurement times and increases efficiency.

Consisting of Stressed Eye Measurement Control Software, Stressed Eye Transmitter, and Optical Receiver, the suite supports stressed receiver conformance to ensure products are IEEE802.3-2005 compliant. The configuration creates excellent reproducibility because it eliminates the need to capture data under various measurement environments using different connection cables at numerous ambient temperatures. OMA, extinction ratio, and VECP measurements can be made with a power penalty of }0.3 dB, ensuring precise measurements, when the MP1800A's high-accuracy, auto-calibration function is used. The transmitter supports output of both 1310- and 1550-nm wavelengths, and the control software supports power penalty tests, jitter tolerance margin measurements, and jitter sweeps for jitter tolerance GO/NO GO checks.

The measurement suite is designed to work with an MP1800A analyzer configured with a built-in synthesizer, pulse pattern generator, and error detector. In addition, the analyzer outputs a high-stability, high-quality, optical signal for use as a reference light source. Crosstalk of optical modules can be evaluated from both optical and electrical interfaces simultaneously by using the MP1800A multi-channel configuration.The MP1800A Signal Quality Analyzer series combines a Pulse Pattern Generator (PPG) and Error Detector (ED) in a single chassis to provide bit error rate and quality analysis of digital signals from 100 Mbit/s up to 12.5 Gbit/s. The modular design of the MP1800A series offers a flexible cost-effective solution for performing measurements at the ideal bit error rate.

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