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New Methodology Diagnoses PIM Issues without Climbing the Tower

16/06/2020, 8:30a PT / 10:30a CT / 11:30a ET ,1 hour

Diagnosing and troubleshooting PIM problems is an expensive and time consuming exercise. It not only requires hours of resources but also degrades QoS since the site has to be shut down. The problem is exacerbated by new bands such as FirstNet introduced into LTE networks that make the RF environment more conducive to PIM.

During this webinar, we will explore a new PIM diagnosis methodology that eliminates tower climbs and reduces system down time by as much as 90%. This new methodology can provide multi-band PIM diagnosis using live cellular traffic. It quickly determines internal or external PIM and provides a distance-to-PIM analysis all while the network equipment is live, resulting in sites becoming free of PIM faster using standard RF PIM hunting techniques.

What you will learn:

  • The questions every RF engineer should answer about their PIM problems before ever taking down a site
  • How to use live cellular traffic to diagnose multi-band PIM problems
  • The difference between PIM diagnosis and PIM troubleshooting
  • How to debug intermittent PIM problems
  • Using diagnosis data to reduce time-to-resolution by up to 75%

Who should attend:

This webinar is ideal for operators, RF engineers, and cell technicians experiencing PIM problems and searching for methods to diagnose these problems faster and cheaper.


Roger Paje, Sr. Product Manager

Roger Paje is a Sr. Product Manager at Anritsu Company, in charge of multiple product lines. He has been in test and measurement for over 8 years, mostly in the fronthaul architecture and CPRI area. Prior to Anritsu, his experience includes working extensively with both telecom operators and network equipment manufacturers on RF over fiber technology, signal processing and network performance testing.