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Simplifying mmWave Applications with Precision mmWave Coaxial Components

10/11/2020, 8:00am PST | 11:00am ET

With dimensions getting smaller as designs move up in frequency, what was considered a trivial setup at RF can become quite complex when entering the millimeter-wave (mmWave) space. When it comes to developing within mmWave frequencies, there is a growing need for test and measurement companies to provide support instruments and user-friendly software that help users navigate difficult and time-consuming measurements. Hardware and software improvements will help alleviate measurement complexity, but is that the only way to improve a measurement’s ease of use? During this 30 minute talk, you will learn more about simplifying mmWave measurements with the use of new coaxial components that provide support their waveguide counterparts have a harder time covering – 100 GHz and beyond.

What you will learn:

  • Challenges for making consistent, repeatable mmWave measurements
  • New 110 GHz coaxial components available on the market and how they differ from existing solutions
  • How precision coaxial components can simply mmWave measurements

Who should attend:

  • R&D engineers
  • Design engineers
  • Engineering managers
  • 5G and millimeter-wave product manufacturers


Charles Tumbaga, Product Marketing Engineer

Charles Tumbaga is currently a Product Marketing Engineer at Anritsu Company. He currently oversees the Components and Accessories product lines, and previously was the PME for the ShockLine VNA product line. Prior to joining Anritsu, Charles held various roles in manufacturing engineering. Charles earned his EE degree from San Jose State University.