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Hirokazu Hashimoto President and Group CEO

Hirokazu Hashimoto
President and Group CEO

Implementing “Envision : Ensure” to Create Social Innovations Where Everyone Wins

Anritsu, as a cutting-edge company in the ICT services industry, is operating its test and measurement business globally to support the building of the next generation of networks. We also provide innovative solutions in various fields that are essential to create a safe and secure society. In addition to supplying quality assurance inspection equipment for food and pharmaceutical products to meet the world’s growing safety needs to the highest degree possible, we supply remote monitoring and control systems, bandwidth controllers and high-speed electronic devices.

In the information and communications technology field, the spread of mobile broadband service is picking up speed, and efforts are underway to develop IoT (Internet of Things) / 5G systems. With a vast number of devices connected to each other through a network, the IoT/5G creates a new value chain in which a variety of items and a variety of systems are connected and work together, forming the foundations of innovations that provide as yet unseen social value.

To create this new value, these systems require not only connections but functions that will monitor every domain including the applications themselves and prognosticate troubles to ensure that the social innovations created by those connections continue to generate the value that is expected. Anritsu aims to continuously provide new advances in solutions that connect domains from the network infrastructure to the applications.

In the food and pharmaceutical product manufacturing and processing field, we aim to make our brand a trusted quality assurance partner for customers around the world. In addition to inspection systems, we strive to set ourselves apart through assurance solutions that meet needs such as packaging quality, providing a safe, secure and healthy lifestyle.

The slogan representing these efforts in the Anritsu Group’s brand statement: “envision : ensure”. Based on the 120 years of technology and know-how that we have amassed thus far, Anritsu aims to work on open innovations with our customers and create new social innovations.

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