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Optical Device Guide

This page describes the fundamentals and properties of an SLD (Super Luminescent Diode), and the difference between an SLD and an LD or LED.

This page describes the principles of optical amplifiers, the difference between an OFA (Optical Fiber Amplifier) and SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier), and the features of EDFA.

This page describes gas detection using laser absorption spectroscopy, which enables methane gas to be measured from a remote location in a short time.

You will find here the primary configuration of infrared light emitting devices, their emitting wavelengths and the characteristics of light spectra.

This page describes every stage of optical device production, such as pump laserss, gain chips, semiconductor amplifiers, and light sources for sensors.

This page introduces the role of every key parts and LD module internal structure.

Amplifiers are classified into different categories. One of these categories is linear and limiting amplifiers. The differences and features between the two are described below.

This page describes the basic purpose of optical modulators and semiconductor materials suitable for drive amplifiers.

The many complex stages in designing and manufacturing ultra-high-speed electronic devices are handled in-house by Anritsu Devices. This page describes the processes.

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