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About Anritsu

A message from the top management, corporate profile (sales, information of directors, etc.) and corporate vision are uploaded, as well as Anritsu’s history which goes back more than 120 years.

Introduction of Anritsu Group Worldwide.


Information about Anritsu's fundamental technologies, research and development structure and initiative on the next-generation mobile communications system, the sources of its original & high-level products and services, is introduced.

Anritsu provides a first-class working environment. We provide our employees with the tools they need to succeed in their career. And we encourage and support a comfortable team approach to innovation which includes rewarding it when we see it. Come and innovate with us!

IR, accounting and financial information is released.

The corporate activities based on the ESG materiality are introduced in “Anritsu Sustainability Report”.

We will exceed our customers' expectations through continual improvement of performance, reliability, responsiveness, and value.

Anritsu is launching its “Advancing beyond” brand statement to show the company’s intent to challenge new boundaries beyond the cutting edge.

Anritsu Video Gallery

Anritsu Corporate News

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