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Sensing & Devices
Wavelength Swept Light Source AQA0600A
Wavelength Swept Light Source AQA0600A
AQA0600A is a wavelength swept light source module that sweeps a single narrow-band vertical-mode phase-continuous. This light source has a center wavelength of 1060 nm and is ideal for optical sensing in medical and chemical fields such as OCT measurement and bio-imaging.
Device Development History
Ultrafast Electron Devices (1) – Development of Hybrid ICs
This device guide explains the progress of our primary ultrafast electron devices such as Hybrid ICs as a fifth article of devices development history.
Wavelength Swept Light Source White Paper
Wavelength Swept Light Source White Paper
This white paper explains an OFDR measurement system and procedure. Moreover, it describes a large distance measurement of the surface shape of a large car.
News Release  120 Gbaud Wideband Linear Amplifier
120 Gbaud PAM4 Wideband / High Output Linear Amplifier
AH15199A is a linear amplifier supporting 2.0 Vpp signal evaluation with 120 Gbaud PAM4, realizing high-speed, high-power data transmission at 120 Gbaud rate with low power consumption of less than 1.2 W.






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