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Drivers/Amplifiers AH-series




Model Number Name Features
AH54192Apdf 56Gbaud Differential Linear Amplifier 56Gbaud, Differential Output: 4Vp-p(diff)typ., Wideband: 100 kHz - 40 GHz, I/O interface: Differential
AH34152Apdf 32G LN driver 32Gbit/s, Output voltage 4-8Vpp, Adjustable crosspoint, Low power consumption
AH34152A opt.01pdf Bias board Supply voltage: +9V/-7V, Built-in supply voltage sequence circuit
AH34161Apdf 32G 4ch LN driver 32Gbit/s, Output voltage: 7.5Vpp x4ch, Low power consumption
AH34162Apdf 32G DUAL LN driver 32G 2ch LN Driver/32 Gbit/s, Output voltage 7.5Vp-px2ch,
Low power consumption, Small package
AH54147Apdf 50G EA driver 50Gbit/s, Output voltage: 1-3.5Vpp, Adjustable cross point
AH14149Apdf 10G low noise amplifier 50kHz - 10GHz. NF: 4dB, Small package, Low power consumption
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