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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management


Disaster Prevention

The Anritsu Group has laid out its BCM* policy in the Basic Policy on Disaster Response, stipulated in the Basic Rules on Disasters and Emergency Response.

Basic Policy on Disaster Response
The Anritsu Group establishes a prevention system against disasters that may significantly affect its management, places top priority on ensuring the safety of its stakeholders including employees and local communities in the event of a disaster or accident, and strives to minimize damage and promptly resume business activities in order to fulfill its social responsibility and continue to seek enduring success for the Anritsu Group.

*Business continuity management: Management activities conducted during normal operations, such as formulating, maintaining, and updating business continuity plans, securing budgets and resources for continuing business, taking preparatory measures, implementing education and training before launching initiatives, conducting inspections, and making continuous improvements.

Response to Infectious Diseases

We are taking preventive measures and implementing actions to ensure business continuity under the Basic Policy on Disaster Response to cope with COVID-19.


Members of the Emergency Response Headquarters

Title Member
General manager President
Deputy general manager Chief officer in charge of disaster prevention (vice presidents)
Staff Persons appointed by the general manager (vice presidents overseas, presidents of the Group companies, etc.)


Please download the PDF for more details.

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