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Quality and Product Safety

Anritsu Corporation has established quality policies and action guidelines under its corporate philosophy, “Contribute to the development of a safe, secure and prosperous global society by offering Original & High Level products and services with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm,” and firmly implement them in order to provide products and services that satisfy customers and society.

Quality Policy (Anritsu Group in Japan)

Supply satisfactory products to customers and society with sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm.

Conduct Policy (Anritsu Group in Japan)

  • Work with sincerity and seriousness not to make nonconforming products.
  • Handle after-processes considering customers and harmony with others.
  • Propose improvement with enthusiasm.


  • Improvements through the Integration of the Management Systems
  • Strengthening Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Enhancing Regulatory Compliance and Product Safety Management
  • Strengthening Proactive Prevention Processes
  • Promoting Global Quality and Environmental Actions

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Structure (Anritsu Group in Japan)

For the sake of maintaining, improving, and ensuring productquality and effectively operating its quality management system, the Domestic Anritsu Group maintains committees headed by the Quality Management Executive Officer, who serves as the Chief Quality Officer at the Anritsu Corporation. The committees include the Quality Management System Committee, which consists of the presidents of the Domestic Anritsu Group, and the Internal Quality Audit Committee.

Structure (Anritsu Group in Japan)

ISO9001 Acquisition Situation

ISO9001 certification acquisition company list of global Anritsu is indicated in the following table. Certification of ISO9001 is acquired by all organizations putting a carrying out product realization process. A certification cover rate of the quality management systems is approximately 60% which is based on the number of the staff as global Anritsu.

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