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Summary of R&D Activities

The Anritsu Group undertakes R&D into “Original & High Level products and services” at its R&D centers in Japan, USA, Europe, and Asia to offer global companies safe, secure and versatile solutions.

Our measurement business R&D is conducted at Anritsu Corporation (Japan), Anritsu Company (USA), Anritsu Ltd. (UK), Anritsu A/S (Denmark) and elsewhere where cooperative development makes the best use of various technical strengths in a synergy resulting in excellent measurement solutions.

Products Quality Assurance (PQA) R&D work is performed by Anritsu Infivis in Japan.

Additionally, the business sections have separate R&D centers handling advanced technologies and core technologies.


Global R&D System

To offers its customers “Original & High Level products and services”, the Anritsu Group has established a global R&D system. The overseas research laboratories deal mainly with R&D for the measurement businesses and are actively developing regional strengths.

Japan draws on its collective strengths in high-level hardware and software, while Europe focuses on it superior strengths in advancing communications standards, and North America is developing systems to assure tailored solutions meeting customers’ needs.

In R&D, the Advanced Technology Development Center, Informatics Originating Center, and Device Development Center supporting semiconductor devices pursue development of core technologies as conventional research institutes within the Technical Headquarters.

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