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Business Segment

Measuring, monitoring and supporting. Anritsu supports daily life and business in diverse settings, including information communication, food and pharmaceutical, disaster prevention and mitigation, for a safer, more secure and comfortable society.

Revenue by Business Segment

Revenue by Segment Revenue by Segment

*The formerly called "Industrial Automation business" was renamed to "Products Quality Assurance business" starting in FY2015.

Test and Measurement

Anritsu provides measurement solutions in various communication fields ranging from the development, manufacture, construction and maintenance of mobile terminals such as mobile phones, communication infrastructure such as optical fiber networks and wireless base stations, and electronic components for communication systems installed in various equipment to network quality assurance to support comfortable, high-quality information and communication services.

Products Quality Assurance

Anritsu offers production control and quality assurance systems, such as X-ray inspection systems for detecting contaminants in products for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries and Checkweighers that realize high-speed, accurate weighing.


This segment comprises Information and Communications, Devices, Logistics, Welfare service, Real estate leasing and other businesses.