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eoSight Customer Analytics

Network, Service and Customer Analytics


eoSight Next Generation Big Data Analytics

Big Data Solution With State-of-the-art Visualizations

Whether you measure your data lake by the billions of call detail records or by the peta-byte, eoSight allows you to build a multi-dimensional data driven view of your customers, network, applications and devices. State-of-the-art visualizations are combined with in memory analytics and predictive analysis of key business metrics to give you a view of not only the past, but also of the future.

  • Easy to use multi-dimensional analytics
  • Answers to complex queries in real-time
  • No time wasted on costly customization
  • Answering "what was the experience of SME employees at their HQ location this morning when accessing 4G data services using an iPhone 5?"

The Industry’s First Truly Scalable Big Data Analytics Solution

eoSight enables long term customer experience analysis and trending while keeping costs under control.

Key Target Users

  • Power users that require fast interactive access to the data inside our big data architecture
  • Users that have today struggled to obtain the reports, visualizations, map displays, generate dashboards and collaborate information on Android/iOS
  • Managers who require fast, interactive access to data on their mobile devices
Key Benefits

Make improvements to the network driven by customer experience for improved subscriber satisfaction and reductions in churn

eoSight™ is a multidimensional data-driven smart view of your customers, network, applications, and devices. It is designed to handle huge volumes of records and data in a cost-effective manner for large and small service providers and to put control of those OpEx costs in their hands. Operational and business focussed use cases are supported, enhanced with external data, and include customer experience management, service quality, and customer lifetime value. In-memory analytics ensure speedy responses with predictive analytics supporting trend prediction.

Customers Experience Improved
Real-time detection of customer affecting problems helping reduce troubleshooting time and reducing mean time to resolution for common issues

Optimized OpEx Experience
Confidently handle big data in the most cost-effective way while still garnering insight into all customers and using in-memory analytics for speedy queries

Futureproofed Investment
Seamless across all technologies, including physical and virtualized, with the ability to drill in, enrich, and then extract valuable insights across 5G, IoT, VoLTE, VIP, Corporates & Care

Key Features

In-memory Analytics
Datacubes produced in-memory for speedy analytics and high impact visualisations

All Subscribers, All Technologies in Real-time
Real-time identification of subscriber experience for all services from 2G to 5G, IoT to Smart Cities.

Smart Multi-dimensional Subscriber Insight
360⁰ view of subscriber data across all services with easy data exploration and drill down to supporting troubleshooting applications.

Extensible Use Case Capabilities
Import and blend data with subscriber insights for expansive additional use cases including VIP Care, Corporates Reporting, IOT, and Marketing Analytics