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Anritsu Solutions for Food Industries

Image of Solutions for Food Industries

Anritsu Infivis is committed to continuously providing advanced Product Quality Assurance (PQA) solutions for food industries. We offer a broad range of cutting edge food inspection equipment and quality assurance solutions, Moreover, Anritsu closely supports our customers to build, improve, or maintain their quality assurance programs, while complying with local regulations and standards.

Typical food production process and Anritsu inspection equipment

A typical food production process and Anritsu equipment

(1) At weighing and filling process

  • Clean Cup Scale (Specific Multihead Weigher): Weigh wet and sticky ingredients in bulk flow
  • X-ray Inspection: Foreign body detection in loose product (optional – not in the above image)

(2) After primary packaging

  • Checkweigher: Weigh individual packages
  • Metal Detector: Detect metal contaminants
  • X-ray Inspection: Foreign body detection (metal, glass, stone, etc.), Missing piece detection, Package integrity check, etc.
  • QUICCA system: Production monitoring, Analysis of OEE and other Statistics, Inspection traceability, etc.

(3) After secondary packaging

  • Checkweigher for quantity check
  • X-ray Inspection System for detection of foreign body, missing pack, etc.
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Anritsu inspection solutions

Dynamic Weighing Dynamic Weighing


Dynamic Checkweigher is integrated in food production lines, and it is used to ensure that the weight of a pack of the commodity is within specified limits, while any packs outside the tolerance are taken out of line automatically.

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Images of Anritsu Checkweighers


Automatically grades products based on specified quantities and mass. Ideal for grading products ranging from seafood to vegetables.

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Image of grading Checkweigher

Trend Control

The trend control function improves production efficiency in filling process. The system calculates the product mass mean value and outputs a pulse proportional to the deviation from the reference value. This function can be used for feedback control of the filling machine that uses a pulse motor for products such as powders and liquids as well as other production lines.

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Illustration of trend control function

More than 250 standard Checkweigher models available

We offer a full line-up of checkweighers according to the product size, shape, and IP rating. Anritsu checkweighers with advanced weighing technology deliver accurate weight measurement at high speeds. Our unique weighing solutions respond to diverse customers' needs ranging from feedback control for filling machines to compliance to HACCP and GMP regulations.

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A broad range of Anritsu Checkweigher models

Foreign body inspection Foreign body inspection

X-ray Inspection

X-ray Inspection System is becoming a standard of foreign body inspection method these days. X-ray can detect not only metals but also other contaminants such as stone and plastic. X-ray is hardly affected by metalized film, product temperature, and salt, compared to Metal Detector.

Image of XR75 delivers industry leading detection for all products

Anritsu HD imaging provides better imaging and better digital data for analysis resulting in significantly improved performance that allows you to .. Discover What You’ve Been Missing! Anritsu has developed its unique and intelligent image processing filters and algorithms available for optimal detection within different applications. From bulk to cased products, Anritsu has a solution tailored for the best inspection possible.

HD imaging technology HD imaging technology
Image processing technology
Image of image processing technology

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Metal Detection

Metal detection is a basic and traditional method for foreign body inspection. A metal detector can detect metals such as ferrous, stainless steel, and aluminium by using the characteristics of magnetic fields.

Images of Anritsu Metal Detectors

Anritsu’s patented dual-frequency technology is optimized for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals simultaneously. With the improved auto-learn process, the system analyses more than 10,000 combinations of frequencies and algorithms to provide the best detection sensitivity.

Anritsu’s patented dual-frequency technology

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Product Integrity Check Product Integrity Check

Typical Product Integrity Check Functions with Anritsu X-ray

Anritsu XR75 X-ray Inspection System has a wide variety of useful product integrity check funtions which works simultaneously with foreign body detection.

Image of typical product integrity check function with Anritsu X-ray

Shape Check

X-ray system can inspect not only foreign substances but also cracks and chips in the contents, and shape defects such as air bubbles remaining inside.

Application examples of Shape Check

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Count Check

When the mass of each piece in a package varies per piece: The variation in the mass of each piece can be equivalent to the mass of one piece when adding each variation per piece in a package. In this case, the number of pieces in a package cannot be evaluated by the mass of the entire product. In the case, the piece count can be identified by using x-ray projection images. The virtual weight inspection is ideal for a product placed in the given position in a package such as cupcakes, Chinese steamed dumplings, etc.

An application example of Count Check

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Seal Check

Anritsu XR75 X-ray Inspection System for Package Check is designed for detecting seal defects in food packages as well as in semi-transparent, coloured, and even in aluminium-foil packages.

An application example of Seal Check

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Inspection Solutions and Anritsu Equipment (Summary)

Inspection solution X-ray
Metal Detection
Check weigher
Weighing Checkweigh/grading
Foreign body inspection Metal
Low-density contaminants    
Content inspection Count (Excess/Deficiency)
Shape check    
Package check Seal check    

PQA360 Approach

Anritsu strives to develop strong partnerships and relationships with our customers to effectively advance the quality of their product and assure the safety of their customers through a high level understanding of their quality goals to assure the proper installations and application of advanced, reliable and accurate inspection technology supported by performance based service, training and support.

With our PQA360 approach, in the DISCOVER phase we aim to truly understand the goals of the customer regarding their business strategies and current and future quality program. We often look beyond the specific opportunity area and review the entire production or processing line to identify areas of inspection or product placement opportunities focused on advancing their quality program. Upon understanding of their goals and project details we MAP and INTEGRATE the proper technology for today and the future. The final PERFORMANCE phase, often overlooked by other suppliers, is managed by our Service and Technical Team followed up with proper PERFORMANCE focused programs.

Image of PQA360 cycle

Through the entire process of PQA360, we can ASSURE and ADVANCE the customers’ quality program and develop a strong relationship to assure we deliver a Positive Anritsu Customer Experience (PACE).

Image of Positive Anritsu Customer Experience (PACE)

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