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01-203  Torque Wrench

Torque Wrench for NMD Connectorized Test Ports, Cables and Adapters


The 01-203 is an all purpose torque wrench for NMD connectors. NMD connectors are synonymous with ruggedized connectors which find many use cases in the field and on the bench.

This torque wrench has a preset torque value of 8 in-lbs (0.9 N.m) to ensure proper tightening without damage to connector pins. The wrench opening is 13/16 inches and is designed to align to the coupling surface of the NMD connector.

The 01-203 torque wrench is used with K and V connectorized test ports, cables and adapters. This wrench is not for use with N connectors as the required torque for N connectors has a much higher torque rating of 12 in-lbs. The correct torque wrench for N type connectors is the 01-200 torque wrench.

  • 13/16 in wrench opening
  • Preset Torque of 8 in-lbs (0.9 N.m)
  • Break-Over design
  • Fits K and V components that have an NMD connector