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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety


At the Anritsu Group, we believe that in order to enable every employee to achieve their full potential, we must secure employee safety and health and create comfortable and efficient workplaces.

As part of our efforts to realize that, legal compliance and creation of a working environment in which employees can do their jobs with enthusiasm in safety and good health are stipulated in the Anritsu Group Charter of Corporate Behavior and the Anritsu Group Code of Conduct.

In addition, with the goal of the Group and health insurance union playing an active role in maintaining and improving the health of each employee, we have separately established the Anritsu Group Health Management Policy for the Domestic Anritsu Group.

Anritsu Group Health and Productivity Management Policy
Anritsu Group believes our corporate value is founded on the ability of each employee to work to the best of their abilities and in good health. With the goals of creating an environment in which all employees have an interest in health, are aware of their own health challenges, and take measures on their own to maintain and improve their heath, the Anritsu Group companies and the Anritsu Health Insurance Association work together to promote effective health management throughout the Group.


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The executive office overseeing occupational health and safety at Anritsu Corporation is in charge of safety and health for the Domestic Anritsu Group and is tasked with formulating and implementing safety and health related matters common to the Group. We also have a safety and health management system that complies with all relevant laws and regulations.

To maintain and improve the health of Group employees, a variety of initiatives and support services are provided by industrial physicians, counselors, and health staff assigned to the Anritsu Corporation Health Management Center. These include regular worksite visits, a variety of medical checkups, post-stress check follow-ups, and individual consultation services for mental and physical health.

The Anritsu Corporation holds a meeting of the Labor-Management Occupational Health and Safety Committee every month. The committee is structured to encourage information-sharing and the horizontal implementation of measures across the Domestic Anritsu Group. Matters discussed by the committee are promptly disclosed along with the minutes via the intranet to all employees.

Anritsu Corporation Occupational Health and Safety Committee (Fiscal 2020)
  • Chairpersons: General health and safety manager (Executive in charge of safety and health)
  • Vice-chairpersons: Two individuals (one of whom is selected by the Anritsu labor union)
  • Committee members: Eight (four of whom are selected by the Anritsu labor union)

Industrial physicians, employees of the Domestic Anritsu Group, health insurance union leaders, and secretariat members also participated. The Anritsu labor union has a union shop agreement with Anritsu Corporation.

The Anritsu Corporation and Anritsu Labor Union have a collective agreement that sets forth certain matters concerning health and safety. More specifically, it stipulates that the Anritsu Corporation, as the owner of the business, shall implement appropriate measures to ensure the safety of employees and maintain and improve the health of employees; maintain the Occupational Safety and Health Committee and generate selection criteria for the committee; conduct educational programs on health while providing health checkups for employees; and restrict employees from engaging in dangerous or hazardous work. None of the work conducted by the Domestic Anritsu Group’s employees falls under tasks associated with or at high risk of the incidence of specified diseases.