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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When was the company established?

Anritsu's predecessor, Sekisansha was established in 1895. Present Anritsu Corporation was established on March 17, 1931.
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Q. When was the stock listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange?

In October 1961, the stock was listed on 2nd section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and in August 1968, it was listed on 1st section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Q. What is the stock code?

6754 is the stock code.

Q. How can I obtain the past financial results?

Click here for the financial information page. You can download the data from the page.

Q. What is your profit distribution policy?

Anritsu considers the return of profits to shareholders a management priority. Based on the business conditions during the consolidated period, management distributes profits taking into account various factors, including the outlook for results in the next fiscal year and the ratio of dividends on consolidated equity. The Company's policy is to apply retained earnings to research and development and capital investment in order to respond to rapid technological advances and changes in the market structure.

Q. How can I obtain the most recent IR presentation materials?

Click here for the IR library. You can download the presentation materials from the page.

Q. How can I obtain an annual report?

You can download the annual report from this page.

Q. Who is the Transfer Agent?

Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited is the Transfer Agent. You can contact with The Sumitomo Trust and Banking Company, Limited for procedure concerning the stock.