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Products Quality Assurance (PQA)


Supports the safety and reliability of food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics and the miniaturization and sophistication of electronic devices.

Business Areas and Features

Business Areas and Features

Business Areas and Features

Amid the growing consciousness of food safety and reliability, quality assurance to consumers, including the removal of contaminants not suited for consumption, is becoming a key issue for food processing manufacturers. Anritsu Industrial Automation Business has long cultivated X-ray analysis technologies and signal and image processing technologies. Treating such technologies as core technologies, the Industrial Automation Business provides product control and quality assurance solutions by means of such systems as X-ray inspection systems that detect contaminants, metal detectors, and Checkweighers that perform high-speed and accurate weighing on production lines for the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

In addition, this segment provides precision measurement solutions, such as the solder paste inspection system that makes use of optical displacement measurement technology, for the electronic equipment and components industries, including mobile phones and LCD TVs for which built-in components are becoming more sophisticated. Such solutions contribute to the improvement of quality and productivity.

Anritsu Infivis Co., Ltd.

Net Sales and Operating Income (Loss)

Revenue of PQA, Operating profit of PQA

Main Products

X-ray Inspection System
XR75 Series
X-ray Inspection System XR75 Series
Restrains maintenance expenses and lowers total life-cycle costs
Metal Detector
M5 Series
Metal Detector M5 Series
High cost performance

*The formerly called "Industrial Automation business" was renamed to "Products Quality Assurance business" starting in FY2015.