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S110-3 Microstrip Sliding Contact


Provides stress relief to protect circuits from temperature variations, shock and vibration, with excellent quality microwave connection to a 0.38 mm pin without the need for soldering

Stress relief contacts (also known as sliding contacts) are designed to simplify connection to the bead pins. In use, the installer slides the contact over the bead pin and then attaches the tab to the circuit trace.  The S110-3-R is a Microstrip and Coplaner Waveguide stress relief contact for 0.38 mm glass feedthru center conductor. Similar to the S110-1-R in construction, the S110-3-R has a larger tab width. The tab width for the S110-3-R is 0.41 mm.

  • 提供去应力功能以保护线路免受温度变化、撞击和振动影响
  • 提供与 0.38 毫米插针的高质量微波连接,无需焊接