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K110-3-R stress relief contact



Stress relief contacts (also known as sliding contacts) are designed to simplify connection to the K100 and K100B bead pins. In use, the installer slides the contact over the bead pin and then attaches the tab to the circuit trace.

K110-3-R is designed to use with a 0.41 mm or larger, microstrip trace on Duroid®.

The installation note for K110-3 shows how to make connection using gap welding, wire bonding or soldering.

Anritsu sells a step drill, 01-108 which allows a machinist to create all the required concentric holes for bead installation using only one tool.

® Duroid is a registered trademark of Rogers Corporation

Note: K110-3-10-R contacts are sold in multiples of 10 and should be ordered by customers who require 100 or more contacts delivered all in packages of 10. Customers who require 90 or less contacts in packages of 10 should order the K110-3-R part number.

  • 提供去应力功能以保护线路免受温度变化、撞击和振动影响。
  • 提供与 0.30 mm 插针的高质量微波连接,无需焊接。
  • 能够与 K 接头配合使用,频率最高达 40 GHz。

K110-3-R 取代了 K110-3

K110-3-R 符合 RoHS 规定。 其铅、汞、镉、六价铬、多溴联苯和多溴联苯醚的含量均低于欧盟指令 2002/95/EC 规定的最大浓度值 (MCV)。 以下 RoHS 豁免项适用: 铅作为铜的合金元素,其含量可达 4% (40000PPM)(重量计)

"-R" 型号的产品中包含的所有材料均与已停产部件中的材料相同。 仅仅在原型号后添加了 "-R",以此表示其材料符合 RoHS 规定。