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Drivers/Amplifiers AH-series


AH series

A series of drivers and amplifiers have superior characteristics for high speed pulse response. These models are suitable for driving optical modulators and amplifying digital signals.

Model Number Name Features
AH54192Apdf 56Gbaud Differential Linear Amplifier 56Gbaud, Differential Output: 4Vp-p(diff)typ., Wideband: 100 kHz - 40 GHz, I/O interface: Differential
AH34152Apdf 32G LN driver 32Gbit/s, Output voltage 4-8Vpp, Adjustable crosspoint, Low power consumption
AH34152A opt.01pdf Bias board Supply voltage: +9V/-7V, Built-in supply voltage sequence circuit
AH34161Apdf 32G 4ch LN driver 32Gbit/s, Output voltage: 7.5Vpp x4ch, Low power consumption
AH34162Apdf 32G DUAL LN driver 32G 2ch LN Driver/32 Gbit/s, Output voltage 7.5Vp-px2ch,
Low power consumption, Small package
AH54147Apdf 50G EA driver 50Gbit/s, Output voltage: 1-3.5Vpp, Adjustable cross point
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