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VP Solder-in Shroud for Coplanar Waveguide

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The VP Connectors were designed to be introduced into new defense programs, which required a smaller connector design, increased performance up to 65 GHz, and a low cost solution.  These are also well suited for the 40Gbps Optical Communication Market which values the connector's hermeticity and ease of installation. 

Compensation for launch onto coplanar waveguide is designed into the connector. This greatly simplifies the mounting hole.

The 0.24 mm (9.5 mil) center pin to CPW interface can be accomplished in one of several ways.

  • Some engineers use a pin-overlap design, which allows the pin to be soldered directly to the trace.
  • Ribbon bonding can be used to connect the pin to the trace.
  • The pin can be attached to the trace using silver epoxy.

For supporting documentation, see Library.