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Promotion of Environmental Management


Anritsu’s Environmental Policy consists of Environmental Principles and Action Guidelines. Furthermore, our Sustainability Policy as a higher-level policy states that “We will take the initiative in solving environmental issues, such as climate change, to contribute to building a people- and planet-friendly future.”

Environmental Policy

Environmental Principles

Anritsu strives to give due consideration to the environment in both the development and manufacture of our products. Through sincerity, harmony, and enthusiasm, we will endeavor to foster a prosperous society at one with nature.

Action Guidelines

We create “Eco-Offices”, “Eco-Factories”, and “Eco-Products” based on the “Eco-management” of our company and the “Eco-Mind” of every one of us.
  1. Over the whole life cycle of a product, from design and development, to procurement, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and usage by customers, through disposal, we conduct environmentally conscious business activities.
  2. We have set up an organizational and operational structure to perform environmental management activities, and have established and maintain an environmental management system that we continuously improve.
  3. We comply with legal and regulatory controls and make every effort to continuously improve the environmental performance to meet the requirements from stakeholders.
  4. In order to contribute to the prevention of global warming and conservation of biological diversity, we promote energy saving, the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle), and environmental pollution risk reduction in all of our offices and factories.
  5. We provide Eco-Products by saving energy, saving resources, and reducing hazardous substances.
  6. We cultivate Eco-Minds by providing appropriate environmental education and training.
*The Action Guidelines apply only to the Domestic Anritsu Group


Please download the PDF for more details.

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Environmental management has been promoted by the Management Strategy Conference. We have a deliberating bodies, chaired by Anritsu Corporation’s deputy chief environment officer (appointed by the chief environment officer), to promote environmental management. In fiscal 2021, three matters were reported to the Management Strategy Conference and two to the Board of Directors.

Environmental Management Structure
Environmental Structure

Deliberating Body Objectives Members
Global Environmental Management Meetings Address challenges that Anritsu Group must tackle as a single global entity Responsible officers from the three major locations of Japan, the United States and the United Kingdom
Environmental Management Committee Promote the environmental management system of the Domestic Anritsu Group Officers responsible for the environment at each division* of the Domestic Anritsu Group, and the officers responsible for the Internal Control Department, Legal Affairs Department, and Sustainability Promotion Center
Promotion of RoHS Group Meeting Promote the development and production of products that do not contain hazardous substances such as those banned under the RoHS directive of Europe Representatives from the Development Department, SCM Department, IT Department, and Environment Department
*Environmental management activity unit

Environmental Performance Data

ISO14001 Acquisition Situation