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Establishment of Compliance

Establishment of Compliance


For the Anritsu Group to maintain its ethical corporate stance, everyone working in the Group must be deeply aware of corporate social responsibility, comply with relevant laws and regulations in all their corporate activities, and behave in a manner that conforms to the demands of society.

The Anritsu Group’s Sustainability Policy defines various compliance initiatives, including respecting human rights and operating as a business with justice and ethics. We have also established the Anritsu Group Charter of Corporate Behavior, laying out principles of corporate behavior shared by the Anritsu Group, and the Anritsu Group Code of Conduct, a set of guiding principles for all employees to apply the charter in their daily work.

In addition, we have established the Anritsu Group Anti-Bribery Policy to ensure fair business practices. These policies clearly state that we will not only comply with the Anti-Monopoly Act, import and export laws, and other applicable laws but also prohibit any discrimination and harassment that may lead to human rights violations, as well as any behavior that may lead to corruption, such as excessive entertainment or gifts to or from customers or suppliers, money laundering, and relationships with antisocial forces.

For suppliers, the Anritsu Group Basic Rules for Procurement stipulate such matters as legal and regulatory compliance, consideration for human rights and labor, and the ethical conduct of business activities.


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Governing System

The promotion of compliance in the Anritsu Group is spearheaded by the Group CEO, who chairs the Corporate Strategy Meeting, under the supervision of the Board of Directors. Activities to promote compliance with laws, regulations, and corporate ethics, including respect for human rights, fair sales and procurement activities, anti-corruption, and privacy protection, are chaired by the executive officer in charge of compliance. They are also overseen by the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee, whose members include representatives from Anritsu Group companies in Japan.

For Anritsu Group companies outside Japan, the Corporate Ethics Promotion Committee and its secretariat, the Legal Department, with various committees responsible for legal compliance, provide information that is necessary for compliance with the laws, cultures, and customs of each country and region. The Internal Audit Department audits whether the compliance promotion system is functioning properly and makes recommendations and requests improvements as necessary.

The Group has also established an internal reporting and consultation office (Hotline) where employees can report and consult on any conduct that violates, or potentially violates, various laws and regulations, the Anritsu Group Code of Conduct*, or other policies and internal rules.

* Guidelines for action to be taken by employees and others in terms of compliance, including prevention of harassment, prevention of bribery and other forms of corruption, prevention of money laundering, prevention of accounting irregularities, promotion of fair sales and procurement activities, and protection of personal information.

Compliance Promotion System